Bunny Birthday Party Time

It’s birthday time! (I have to admit that, while we love this time of year, it’s actually birthday madness because my kids’ birthdays are within a few days of each other.) This year, my daughter wanted a bunny-themed party. With the theme in mind, we were inspired to make bunny cupcakes, create bunny tails, and hop around in a sack race.

First, the cupcakes…my daughter wanted to make brownie bunny cupcakes, which ended up being fun and simple to make. Plus, they turned out yummy and pretty darn cute!

My daughter loves helping in the kitchen. She was a part of every step of the cupcake making—from making the batter and filling the cupcake cups through carefully frosting the cupcakes and decorating the faces. While the results might not be absolutely perfect, there’s something super special about her hard work and intense concentration on getting each one just right! For the bunny ears, we came up with the idea of using Mini Milano cookies. (We’ve seen other bunny cupcakes where you bake your own cookie ears and that was not going to happen—unless we found a few more hours in the day!) We were really pleased with how well the Milanos worked! The size of the cookies was perfect for a cupcake. I assisted with frosting the pink inner ear.

Then, we pushed the ears into the cupcake. As long as you push the ends of the cookies in a little bit, they’ll stay in place just fine. In the sprinkles section of our local grocery store, we found eye sprinkles and pastel circle sprinkles to use as the noses.

My daughter didn’t think that the cupcakes were complete without tails. So each bunny got an adorable white fluffy tail—aka a mini-marshmallow—on a toothpick too. Ta-dah— we had delicious bunny cupcakes ready for consumption!

During the party, everyone made a bunny tail with yarn—in the color of their choice—and a Kiwi Crate pom-pom maker. We simply tied a longer piece of yarn to the pom-pom to wrap the tails around the girls’ waists.

They wore the tails throughout the party. Here they are—breaking the bunny piñata and hopping around during the sack races.

As the party favor, the girls took home a Kiwi Crate dolls party pack and a “carrot” of bunny crackers. To make a carrot, simply fill a corner of a baggie with crackers. Then, fold over the bag to make a carrot shape. We discovered that you do need to tape the bag in place to make it more carrot shaped (vs. pudgy turnip shaped). The pipe cleaners tie it all in place and make the carrot stem/leaves.

It was a very hoppy time! 🙂

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