Introducing our Summer Discovery Series!

This summer, keep kids’ minds stimulated–and combat summer brain drain–with our new Summer Discovery Series! These fun, educational activity kits point the way to a summer full of creative learning and outdoor summer fun. Each month, you’ll receive a new crate of engaging summer-friendly science and art activities, each introducing a different educational theme.

June: Nature Explorer

In June, encourage indoor and outdoor discovery with our Nature Explorer crate!

By day, kids will construct and decorate their own nature collection box—then hone their observational skills by finding and collecting treasures with the included scavenger hunt cards. By night, they’ll build and embellish a tin punch-style lantern that really lights up, while learning about the stars in the night sky.

July: Wonders of Water

In July, continue the adventure with our Wonders of Water crate!

With this crate, kids will build and steer their very own colorful sailboats—perfect for playing in the kiddie pool or the bathtub. Then they’ll explore color diffusion by making their own paper watercolor animals. With the included bonus materials, they’ll explore scientific properties of water, like surface tension and buoyancy.

August: Fun With Flight

In August, discover the magic of flying–and get active–in our Fun With Flight crate.

Kids will build and decorate their own set of colorful kites. (To fly them, just start running and watch them glide!) Then they’ll create their own retro-style rubber band rockets, and launch them while getting an introduction to aerodynamics. With the included bonus materials, they’ll make amazing paper gliders, like a twirling helicopter and flipping fish.

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  1. 1 quick note about the lantern. we love it, however, the small tea light that was included is yellow. Alexander, (5) appropriately asked, “what’s the point in colored papers if everything is just yellow?”. A clear/white tea light works much better…keep up the great work. we LOVE our Kiwi Crates!

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