Top 5 Water Science Experiments for Kids

For today’s Friday 5, we’re going into the lab for our favorite science experiments. The main ingredient is something everyone has on hand…water! Learn about interesting scientific concepts with these water science experiments for kids…while having fun along the way!

1. Water Volcano In A Bottle

Try out this two-part experiment! First—why can’t you blow up a balloon in a bottle? And, second—what happens when you do…and then fill it with water? (Discover the effects of air pressure on water!)

2. Celery And Food Coloring Experiment

This experiment is a classic for a reason: when you dip celery stalks in colored water, you can literally see water traveling up the celery! (Investigate capillary action!)

3. Hot and Cold Water Experiment

This dramatic science experiment is much easier than it looks—and the results are truly amazing! (Teach about water density!)

4. Pepper Swim-Away Experiment

Here’s a quick and simple science experiment you can do with basic kitchen ingredients! (Great surface tension experiment!)

5. Tornado In A Jar

Make your own mini-tornadoes in plastic bottles and mason jars! (Learn about vortices (vortexes)!)

Find even more fun water science experiments for kids on our Water Activities DIY page.

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