The Kiwi’s Name Is…

Hello My Name Is...

Are you ready to find out the kiwi’s name?

Two years ago, inspired, in part, by this fuzzy little guy…


…we chose the name Kiwi Crate. We loved that kiwis are intelligent and unique—just like our favorite kids!

A talented designer helped us turn that stuffed kiwi into the kiwi in our logo.

Kiwi Crate Logo

As Kiwi Crate grew, so did this kiwi, becoming much more than a logo or a mascot! Sometimes, he’s a friendly guide through challenging concepts like surface tension and aerodynamics. At other times, he has lots of fun dressing up to celebrate the month’s theme (he’s been everything from a robot to a pirate!).
Kiwi Collage

But, at heart, the kiwi is like an inquisitive child, always ready to learn…or to make a new friend.

As our kiwi continued to come to life, we realized something big was missing: our kiwi didn’t have a name!

We agonized over the choice until the perfect name was suddenly clear. We were so grateful to the designer who created our kiwi logo—and that designer’s name is…

We’re so excited to introduce Steve the Kiwi to you, and we can’t wait to share more of Steve’s adventures! Please join us in welcoming Steve the Kiwi to our community!

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