Kiwi Crate’s new magazine…and free flight printable!


Get ready for takeoff: this month, we’re announcing a special surprise from Kiwi Crate…explore! magazine!

All Kiwi Crate subscribers will receive a copy of explore! (a $4.95 value) for free every month. Each issue is filled with tons of additional content for continued exploration, all around the month’s theme.

This month’s explore! features 24 full-color pages of fun, including:

  • An illustrated story about Steve the Kiwi’s adventures in flight
  • Cool facts about the science behind flight
  • Hands-on flight activities to try at home
  • Parent resources, including book recommendations for more learning about flight
  • puzzles, coloring activities, and much more!


We hope you and your kiddos will find explore! a great complement to the projects included in your Kiwi Crate—and a great way to extend the fun, creativity and learning, whether you’re sitting around the kitchen table, in the car or on the go. (Tip: we’ve already found it a great sanity saver to throw in our bag to fill the time while waiting at a doctor’s visit or in a restaurant!)


Can’t wait? Preview explore! magazine with this downloadable flight activity! Print and follow the instructions to create your own flipping fish flyers.

  Flipping Fish

We look forward to hearing your feedback on our new magazine!

2 Replies to “Kiwi Crate’s new magazine…and free flight printable!”

  1. What an exciting addition! I just signed up for a Kiwi Crate subscription yesterday, and was so thrilled to see this newsletter with the exciting news of a magazine addition to my box. I love that the crafts and themes my kids will get to learn about and create at home can be further extended with the magazine! I am even more convinced that they will love receiving their first crate and so happy I took the plunge and decided to become a subscriber!

  2. I signed up for kiwi crate at the end of July… will this magazine be included with the subscription that is being mailed out today?

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