Back to School Printable Lunch Notes and More

In the morning rush, it can be hard to find time for so much as a quick “Good Morning!” Meanwhile, finding a special note tucked under a sandwich or apple can prove a sweet surprise, especially for a child who’s suffering first-day jitters.

We’ve made it easy with these printable notes! Just print, cut out, and save them on the counter to make someone’s day a little brighter. We’ve also gathered some of our other ideas for making school lunches more fun.

Printable Lunch Notes

We’ve gotten you started with our printable lunch notes! These upbeat messages are great for adding a little boost to the day. You can tuck them inside a lunch bag, backpack, or jacket pocket. (We’ve even been known to surprise a favorite kid by taping one to the bathroom mirror.)

Banana Drawings

Did you know you can write on a banana with a toothpick? You can — making it a cute way to send a special (and healthy!) lunchtime message.

School Lunch Napkin Notes

Ready to make the transition to cloth lunchtime napkins? Personalize them with special messages written (or drawn) with fabric marker.

Silly Lunch Photo Surprises

Use up extra photos (or greeting cards) with silly drawings! Certain to prompt a laugh or two.

2 Replies to “Back to School Printable Lunch Notes and More”

  1. This will save time and allow parents to add something special without running behind. It’s also a good idea to make some personal ones of your own creation and have them ready before they go back to school. Our kids start back 8/26 this year. If you’re using disposable lunch sacks/bags, you can stuff a note in each one ahead of time so you won’t miss a day. Try to find out if your children’s school has recycle bins in the lunch room if you’re using paper bags. If not, consider investing a few more $$ in a reusable lunch bag and encourage or petition the schools to add recycle bins.

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