10 DIY Art Material Recipes For Kids


There’s something very special about making your own art materials. You can choose any color you like…meaning you have the power to make any project you dream up. These are some of our favorite art material “recipes” for kids. They’re safe, inexpensive, easy…and fun to make!

Kool-Aid Art Materials

Kool-Aid makes a great substitution for food coloring in art material recipes. It’s available almost everywhere, it makes really bright, saturated colors, and it makes everything smell great! 

Kool-Aid Play Dough


An all-year-round craft: fragrant, brightly-colored play dough.

Kool-Aid Watercolors


Paint with yummy-smelling watercolors! They only take a few moments to make—and they create vibrant paintings.

Kool-Aid Dyed Pasta


You’ll be amazed by all the uses you find for this homemade art material!

Kool-Aid Dyed Rice


Like the Kool-Aid dyed pasta, Kool-Aid dyed rice makes an awesome addition to sensory bins and art projects.

Homemade Paint Recipes

Make your own safe, homemade paints with just a few easy-to-find ingredients you just may have around the house!

Homemade Body Paint


Get creative, get messy, and have fun with homemade body paint!

Pudding Paint


Pudding paint is a great way to make finger paint that’s safe for even the youngest little crafter. (It’s also plenty fun for older kids!)

Homemade Sidewalk Chalk Paint


Let the driveway be your canvas with this homemade sidewalk paint!

Other Craft Recipes

Make Your Own Beads


With this simple recipe, make—and decorate—your very own beads!

Plantable Paper


This is a sweet craft that becomes a great gift: homemade paper that sprouts flowers when planted!

Recycled Heart Crayons


Reuse those broken crayons with this cute project. If you don’t have molds, a cupcake pan works just fine.

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  1. love the emphasis here on re-using and re-purposing, as with the crayons, and the safe, non-toxic DYI paints. thanks! i’ve seen other similar crafts that suggest using food like rice and pasta, but it seems so wasteful and irresponsible, if not expensive, for some of us! do you have any ideas for alternatives?

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