10 Fall Leaf Crafts For Kids

Fall Leaf Crafts-Frame_edited-1
Fall is almost officially here! Celebrate the new season with these great, leaf-themed crafts. Some make use of fallen leaves from outside, while others use artificial or hand-drawn leaves. Whatever you choose, you’ll have fun autumn decor the kids helped make!

1. Glycerin Leaves


2. Fall Placemats 19608ea35679


3. Metallic Pen Leaves ce7f5a51a820


4. Fall Leaf “Glitter” f16e49656274

5. Fall Fingerprint Tree


6. Fall Butterfly


7. Pinecone Wreath


8. Autumn Leaf Necklace


9. Sandpaper Leaves


10. Marbled Fall Leaves


3 Replies to “10 Fall Leaf Crafts For Kids”

  1. Thank you Teach Preschool ~ I love all your creative ideas ! I got Leaf Man from the library tonight ~ I told the librarian about your site ~ I appreciate you so much!

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