24 Days of Creativity + Top 10 DIY Advent Calendars

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Mark your calendar for December 1, when we’ll be kicking off a very special Kiwi Crate holiday celebration, featuring 24 Days of Creativity…and over $1000 in daily prizes!

  • Looking for more reasons to celebrate this holiday season? Look no further! Starting December 1, we’ll be giving away 24 days of fantastic, creative prizes! You’ll want to check back every day to see what prizes are on offer — especially December 24, when we’ll be giving away the biggest prize of all. There will be lots of ways to enter this holiday sweepstakes; stay tuned for details.
  • It’s the most creative time of year, where we’re surrounded by crafting inspiration. So, starting December 1, we’ll also be featuring 24 days of new, creative, crafty ideas. We hope we can inspire you to make at least one handmade thing this holiday season…whether it’s a salt dough ornament or a soothing mug of cocoa. We can’t wait to see what the season brings!
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Can’t wait until December 1? (We can’t blame you!) Please enjoy our 10 favorite DIY Advent Calendars! These beautiful calendars are perfect for counting down the holiday spirit — and there’s still time to get them ready for December 1! Keep up with more advent ideas by following our DIY Advent Calendars board on Pinterest.

And, in the meantime, please tell us in the comments: how do you count down the holidays with your family?

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16 Replies to “24 Days of Creativity + Top 10 DIY Advent Calendars”

  1. We use a felt ornament tree / advent calendar that my mother handmade for us. It is just like the one we had growing up, only my older sister got that one, so my mom made us a replica!

  2. I have always done chocolate advent calendars in the past. This year I am going to do something different. I have a wooden advent calendar with little doors. Inside each door I am going to place a little piece of paper. Each day our family will do a different holiday activity such as make a Christmas ornament, drink hot chocolate, give a gift to good will, drive around and look at the Christmas lights, pick out our tree, bake Christmas cookies, go caroling at Nana and Papa’s. I think that the kids will love it. I can’t wait till the 1st.

    1. This is exactly what we do. Our kids can’t wait for this each year, and the oldest is now 11. They run downstairs each morning to pull out that day’s slip of paper. Every year there are favorites that reappear, and new ones that appear. it’s a mix of crafts, a picnic by the Christmas tree, making birdfood ornaments for the birds, shopping…it’s a fun way to celebrate the season together. I have as much fun as the kids.

  3. I bought a 12 pack of new socks filled them with notes and treats then hung them across the entertainment center. So my daughter not only got the little treats but also new socks.

  4. I used felt to make little mittens in different colors and my husband wrote the numbers on them. We tack them to a cork board covered in black felt in the shape of a tree. Inside each mitten is a small candy cane and a note with either a picture or description of the day’s activity.

  5. We make a Advent Christmas tree from Christmas picture books wrapped in nice paper and we unwrap and read a Christmas book every night before bed. I love doing this – we have a nice supply of Christmas books that we keep seperate for Christmas each year and we also borrow some from the library.

  6. I just started a new advent tradition this year. We will be focusing on different giving activities throughout the month of December:
    – buying and donating food to the food bank
    – giving hats and mitts to the homeless
    – buying and donating animal food to the animal shelter
    – donating coffee cards to the homeless
    – buying and donating a toy to Santa’s Anonymous
    I hope my children will learn the value of giving to others and that these kind of activities will flow into the rest of the year.

  7. We have a felt Christmas tree that has 24 stockings. Each year we also buy a Lego or PlayMobil advent. To make things fun we put a chocolate and a clue in each of the stockings – the clue leads our son to that day’s Lego/PlayMobil part. When he gets a little older I’d like to put inspirational notes in the stockings.

  8. We had a 2 foot tall gumdrop tree where each of the branches of the clear plastic tree had a colorful gumdrop placed on the end. Also, we strung cranberries interspersed with popcorn and placed the garland on the Christmas tree during the holidays and gave it to the birds when the tree came down. At one time, the Advent calendar had tiny chocolates behind each flap and we fought over who’s turn it was to eat the candy. I had 2 brothers and a sister.

  9. I live alone with my Chihuahua and for some reason she refuses to count forward or backwards 🙂 I do have a granddaughter that I send a crate a month too but she does not live nearby so I have to count alone. I am doing it with a devotional this year. GREAT Business you have here! Thank you & Love, Patty Muich

  10. We have three playmobil advent calendars (A few variations of the Christmas in the Forest theme as they are all from different years) that Grandma gave each boy as he was old enough. We sit down together at our little table each night before Christmas and I light a candle that slowly moves closer to the center of our wooden advent spiral, each boy gets to open one box (from the advent calendar) and place the animal on the forest scene, They also get to have one chocolate coin and we all sing Jingle Bells together. This year my six year old has been taking suzuki piano and he will play it for us as well! We start on December 3rd since my youngest was born on Dec 2nd!

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