10 New Year’s Eve Party Ideas For Kids

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Whether you celebrate on London time or watch the ball drop in New York City, try these fun New Year’s Eve party projects while you await the start of the countdown. These projects will keep your kids focused and enjoying their night, as well as give the event a little handmade sparkle.

Photo Booth Props (Ages 8-16)

It’s so much fun to put together a photo booth for your family’s New Years Eve celebration! Not only does it keep the kids and adults entertained, but you get some silly Instagram-worthy pictures to remember the occasion.

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Confetti Poppers (Ages 5-16)

For your New Year’s Eve get together, create little confetti treat pop party favors to pass out. They are super simple to make and even simpler to pop! They’re perfect for any celebration, including birthday parties.

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New Year Glasses (Ages 3-16)

We’ll take any excuse for a mini party. Your kids may not be able to stay awake until midnight, but it doesn’t mean they can’t join the fun earlier on in the night or on New Year’s Day. Make these glasses for your 2017 celebration, no matter when it starts!

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Confetti Launcher (Ages 9-16)

Embrace your love-hate relationship with confetti. On one hand, it’s great how confetti makes everything festive and fun. On the other hand, it does become a little bit of a mess! However, there simply is no better way to ring in the new year than with a shower of confetti.

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Pom-Pom Cupcake Toppers (Ages 3-12)

These cute little toppers are perfect for the dessert table at any celebration. You can create these in any color you like. These little toppers are such a quick and easy way to dress up any store-bought dessert.


New Year’s Eve Party Tiara (Ages 3-9)

Celebrate the New Year in style with this fancy tiara! Each one can be custom-made to fit each child’s personality and I just love that. My daughter chose all things shiny for her tiara. I think I may add a feather on mine. There are so many ways to make this party crown unique and special.


Owl Pinata (Ages 9-16)

For your next special event, try making this cute owl pinata! The pinata takes a bit of patience, but the end result is sure to impress your friends and family. You can easily customize this project into your own creature by experimenting with different tissue paper colors, textures, and techniques.


Confetti Blower (Ages 4-9)

Instead of buying confetti blowers, grab a hole punch and a glue stick. It’s a simple project with a big finish. Ready? One! Two! Three!


Festive Confetti Votive (Ages 3-9)

I am a little in love with these votive holders we made with just a little confetti, glue, and a jar! They are a great way to decorate for an event. Bonus, kids love making them!


Duct Tape Bracelets (Ages 2-9)

These pretty and sparkly bracelets are so easy to make and so fun to wear. This is a great craft to do with just one kid or a whole group.


We here at KiwiCo wish you all wonderful New Year’s Eve & New Year’s Day! Have a great time ringing in another lovely year.


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  1. For our New Years party we are hosting a variety of ages. We are planning to have a kid’s countdown at 9pm so that the kiddos aren’t up until all hours and then cranky the next day!!

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