Kiwi Crate is Partnering With Target!

We’re delighted to share some very exciting news with you: Target has invited us to develop a line of Kiwi Crates exclusively for sale in Target stores!

Kiwi Crate for Target will feature single-project kits that are also fan favorites, including Racing Wind Cars, Pom Pom Pets, Modern Art and Flying Kites. Starting this month, Kiwi Crate for Target creativity kits will be available in the Toy department in approximately 250 Target stores across the USA.

Kiwi Crate for Target

Additional kits will be offered on this spring, and we’re hoping to offer more products in more Target stores later this year.

We’re so excited for the opportunity to partner nationally with Target, and so grateful to our community for all your support. We can’t wait to help even more parents and children create and explore together.

Here they are! Which crate would you love to try?

Kiwi Crate for Target: Racing Wind Cars       Kiwi Crate for Target: Modern Art     Kiwi Crate for Target: Flying Kites       Kiwi Crate for Target: Pom Pom Pets

Pin to Win a $250 Target Gift Card

To celebrate the exciting news, we’re giving away a $250 Target gift card to a lucky winner! For a chance to win, simply pin a project image and share the pin with us!

Pin to Win a $250 Target Gift Card


Look out for our new creativity kits in your local Target – and don’t forget to share a snapshot on our Facebook page when you find our display!

Team at Target

43 Replies to “Kiwi Crate is Partnering With Target!”

  1. We love Kiwi Crate! We are so excited to go to Target now. Kiwi Crate helps us to go through those rainy days without a fussiness.

  2. Thought these would be excellent for our daughter’s birthday party “goodie bags” but sadly they are not offered in a target store in Michigan. How much do they retail for? Can we buy online? Our most favorite kite is the mosaic (ours is proudly displayed on on our mantle). And our 3 year old could complete it unassisted. Thanks kiwi crates!

    1. Hi Angelita – so glad to hear your daughter is a fan of Kiwi Crate! The mini-crates for sale in Target stores (retail for $14.99) are not actually available online. However, we do have a great selection of Party Favors available on our website here: – ranging from Capes to Wands to Rockets to Wings (priced at $5.95 and up). We’ll deliver it to you with free shipping for any order over $50. Thanks so much for checking in!

  3. I quickly went to the list of Target stores, hoping one of the numerous locations in and around Grand Rapids Michigan might be gifted with the Kiwi Crate store display. I’ve been considering if for my child, but he is a bit young and this would allow me to test certain activities and see what he’s actually ready for. Sad to say, it won’t be in Michigan, at least not according to the list. Perhaps the next phase, sometime waaaaay down the road, will include less trendy states, like my Great Lakes State.

    1. Yay, yet another Michigander! Please send Kiwi Crates our way!!! (I’m even willing to drive up to Grand Rapids, although I would love it if they were available a bit closer)

    2. Hi Caroline – I’m sorry we’re not available in Michigan Targets, too! Clearly there is plenty of demand there, evidenced by the fans we have just on this blog post! If you’d like to test out a single Kiwi Crate, though, without the commitment of a subscription, you can also purchase single crates on our own website here: or one of our mini crates (a single project for $12.95) here: Hope that helps!

  4. I purchased a 3 month subscription for my granddaughter’s 4th birthday. Her first one came yesterday. She was so excied to receive her first one yesterday. When she called me to say thank you, I have never heard her so excited. She had taken an interest in the Olympics and were looking for the different countries on a map. So this Kiwi crate was perfect.Telling me about the flags from different countries and the game with the map of the world…..on and on she went. Then all the sudden she said “Thanks for the craft box I am done talking.” and off she went to create some more. My daughter got on the phone then and elaborated on the crate. As a former preschool teacher, I was very impressed with the variety of ideas, the creativity, the built in learning activities, and additional ideas given for the parent. Activities included the amount of parental involvement necessary and the skills each activity worked on. VERY IMPRESSED!! Even more so given the number of toys out there that sing and dance, flash lights, make noises and leave so little to the child’s imagination. You can be sure a will be buying a few more subscriptions as more birthdays come along. I will also recommend my daughters go to Target and buy a single project box for the grandkids to take as gifts to birthday parties. Thank you for this WONDERFUL product. This truly is a winner.

  5. I am bummed that they are not being offered in any targets near one of the largest cities in Maryland, Bowie. There are at least three targets I regularly go to and ( according to the list ) the crates will not be offered at any of them. I think that is a lost opportunity for Kiwi Crate. Please update me if they are coming to a store near Bowie, that is not in DC. Thank You.

    1. Hi Becky – Thanks so much for your comment! We’re also hoping to get Kiwi Crates into many more Target stores across the country. As soon as they are available, we will announce it here and on our Facebook page.

    1. I know, Ann – we’re hoping to get to more stores across the country! As soon as we expand our distribution with Target, we will announce it here and on our Facebook page. Thanks for checking in!

  6. I will give it a try at Target. However, part of the uniqueness of the current KiWi business plan is that my three grandchildren cannot wait to receive their very own package in their mailbox every month. Somehow they have learned the date when their awesome package is due and for a full anticipatory week it is akin to awaiting Christmas. Behavioral patterns seem to improve and daily trips to the mail box become more hourly.

  7. Does anyone know if Steve the Kiwi is available as a stuffed animal (as in the picture), or is that just to taunt us? 😉

    (Actually I just saw the have a sold out little one on the site here. I hope he’s coming back!!)

    1. Hi Carolyn – Steve the Kiwi should be back in stock in our Shop in a month or so. We’ll be sure to share on Facebook when he arrives! thanks for asking – he’ll be so flattered 😉

  8. How exciting! Now I can share the awesomeness of Kiwi Crate as a birthday gift and spread the word of this amazing product even more!!! I tried a 3 month subscription for the first time this past year and was extremely impressed with each crate that came in the mail. Each one did not have just one activity but several and all the tools you need! Even with the easy access at Target I will be ordering another round of subscriptions for my daughters birthday in September!

  9. Very disappointed to see that not one store in Michigan is going to carry this product I would have bought them as gifts for my daughters preschool friends and for my daughter we need them in Sterling Hts MI.

    1. Hi Brenda – We are also really hoping we expand our distribution with Target in the future! As soon as Kiwi Crate is available in more stores, we’ll be sure to share on the blog and on our facebook page. Thanks so much for your interest.

  10. I am actually a little dissapointed that you would partner with a big box company. Part of this company that I liked was the fact that it was unquie and it was hard to find and the fun part was having it shipped to the house…now you can just go down to the local target and pick out whatever you want. No surprise and no unique ness.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Julie. We have actually worked hard to make sure the projects available at Target and those available on our own website – and as part of the Kiwi Crate subscription – do all feel unique. The projects available in Target stores are different – by and large – from those available on our website, and as part of a Kiwi Crate subscription. So hopefully you will still feel the delight in having it delivered to your door!

  11. Awesome! How long will the giveaway be running? I was thinking of sharing this with my readers and I just want to make sure I’m not too late (or almost too late). Thanks!

    1. Hi Laura! Great, thanks for thinking of us for your blog. This giveaway will be running until March 31, so there’s still plenty of time to enter!

  12. Just curious how you picked stores?? Raleigh-Durham, nc area has THREE stores on relatively close proximity, yet Winston-Greensboro-triad area has zero? Closest one is an hour and a half, by the time I pay for gas I may as well pay shipping. 🙁 seems the stores weren’t well/evenly distributed for rollout.
    Got a three month subscription last year, the boxes were awesome! Would love to see them in my local target so I can grab one on the spur of the moment and not have to pay shipping…

    1. Hi Melissa, we’re hoping to expand our offering into more Target stores later this year, so stay tuned. Thanks for being such a great fan!

  13. This is so great! What a great milestone for Kiwi Crate! Too bad these craft kits are only available in the US, we live in Canada. Oh well, in the mean time, we’re still getting our monthly craft crates in the mail =)

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