Rainy Day Sanity-Saving Tips & Tricks

April showers are right around the corner, which calls for extra special indoor activities. Get ready to battle those rainy day blues with this list of colorful projects to brighten any dreary day. After a day stuck indoors, both you and your kids will be thankful for an opportunity to get crafty.

Play Dough Cupcake Shop
Take play dough to the next level with this simple Kool-aid dough recipe.
Rainy Day Sanity-Savers

Textured Paint Collage
Use this fun trick to paint a unique picture of the perfect sunny day.
10 Rainy Day Sanity Savers

Watercolor Clay Turtles
Painting with watercolors on wet surfaces is one of our favorite techniques. Kids love watching the colors swirl through the cracks in the clay.
10 Rainy Day Sanity Savers

Clay Pressed Tiles
These clay tiles are so fun and easy to make! They make great charms, alphabet pieces, matching games — the options are endless!
10 Rainy Day Sanity Savers

Folded Paper Animals
Pick your favorite zoo animal and see it come to life.
10 Rainy Day Sanity Savers

Salt Shaker Noise Maker
Music is a shared experience that invites families to come together — what better way to do this than making a unique instrument!
Rainy Day Sanity-Savers

Tea Stained Treasure Maps
Go back in time with this neat trick — make paper look old and worn, perfect for pirate maps, pioneer journals, and more!
Rainy Day Sanity-Savers

“Sand” Art
You might not have sand on hand, but you probably have salt! Create beautiful layers of colors with this diy idea.
Rainy Day Sanity-Savers

Rainy Day Painting
Bring out those special occasion art supplies and celebrate the rainy day! We love using oil pastels and watercolor paints just for this occasion.
Rainy Day Sanity-Savers

Single Crates
Have you tried Kiwi Crate yet? For a limited time, our Single Crates ship free! From pirates to animals to fairies, there’s a crate to inspire curiosity for every child.

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