8 Earth Day Activities for Kids

8 Earth Day Activities

Earth Day is a great opportunity to teach your kids the values of reduce, reuse, and recycle! The three R’s can translate to various do-good activities throughout the day from turning off the faucet while brushing your teeth or saving scrap paper for another purpose. To further inspire you and your family, we’ve round-up some creative activities to help us do our part.


Recycled Heart Crayons
That bin of overlooked, half-broken crayons? Put them to good use and and make these adorable heart crayons. Mix and match colors for extra fun!
Recycled Heart Crayons

DIY Cork Stamps
Make something beautiful out of something old with this super quick and easy activity.
DIY Cork Stamps

Recycled Paper Bowls
Take that stack of old paper your kids have already drawn, torn, colored and turn it into something brand new.
Recycled Paper Bowl

Earth Day Collage
Make art with old scrapbooking material or magazines. Use the time crafting to chat about the meaning of Earth Day.
Earth Day Collage

Coffee Can Drums
Take these everyday materials to create something fun and musical!
Coffee Can Drums

Earth Day Walk
Take a walk and notice the things you are truly thankful for: trees, water, animals, sunshine.
Thankful for the Earth

Pretty Ribbon Mobile
If you have any used spools of ribbon that are too short to wrap around a gift, make a whimsical mobile.
Ribbon Mobile

DIY Stamps
Styrofoam isn’t great for the Earth, so if you find yourself with some, give it a second life with this easy DIY stamp activity.
Foam Stamps

How will you and your family celebrate Earth Day?

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  1. This is great! AND when are you guys going to up the ante on going green with all/more boxes and products? Even the White House is doing it now. And you’re in California!

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