6 Kid-Made Father’s Day Gifts

This Father’s Day, help your kids make an extra special present for Dad. These gifts will have a personal touch from your kids and Dad will love having a keepsake to remember the stage your child was in when the gift was made.

Puzzle Piece Picture Frame
Puzzle Piece Frame
These sweet puzzle frames are fun and easy for the kids to make and cherish for years to come!

Time Capsule
Time Capsule
Make a time capsule jar filled with memories from this year. Present it to Dad to open 6 months, 1 year, or even 5 years from now!

Wooden Plaque
Father’s Day Plaque
Capture the sweet drawings of your kids and make it extra special with a wooden plaque — perfect for any dad on Father’s Day!

Snack Jar Basket
Snack Jar Basket
Edible treats are always a great gift. Assemble these adorable snack jar baskets and give it a personal touch by topping each one off with artwork.

Personalized Softball
Personalized Softball
Find a special way to say Happy Father’s Day with a new art canvas – a softball! Kids will love trying making art on completely new surface.

Mason Jar Frame
Mason Jar Frame
A picture frame makes a great gift for any loved one. This mason jar version makes it extra special and unique!

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6 Replies to “6 Kid-Made Father’s Day Gifts”

  1. It would make more sense to me if you posted these opportunities in a more timely way in order to actually order, receive and create before the special day. Having received this only two days before Father’s Day gives me no time to order. I have ordered your kits for years for two of my grand kids and would order these special kits for holidays if I had enough lead time.

    1. Patricia,
      Many of these items are easily purchased at Walmart or Target, or even the Goodwill. I was going to go up there for the puzzle pieces since it doesn’t matter if any are missing. 🙂

  2. One of my husband’s favorite activities to do with the kids is to go to a nearby baseball diamond and play ball. When I saw the decorated softball idea I knew it was perfect and we already had everything needed. We cleaned a ball and grabbed the permanent markers. It looked great and when they presented it to their Dad it came with an invitation to PLAY BALL!!!

    1. We’re so glad your family had fun with this list, Judy! Thanks for sharing with us — the “PLAY BALL” note is an adorable idea.

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