Free Back to School Printables

Free Back to School Kiwi Crate Printables

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Still not quite organized for back to school? Getting back into the routine of things can be a little daunting, but we’ve made things a little easier on you by creating these easy to use printables! Now you can find all of our helpful Back to School printables all in one place for easy reference.

Kiwi Crate Weekly Schedule Printable

Peek at the Week Schedule
This little one page schedule with help your kids (and you!) keep things on track for the school week ahead. Download it and enjoy!

Kiwi Crate Back to School Name Labels

Back to School Printable Name Labels
Now that you’ve gathered school supplies, notebook, backpack, and so on…it’s time to label them. We’ve provided you with 8 kiwi labels to make sure your little one comes home with everything, right down to the last pencil! These are great for keeping track of things inside your house, too (and for name-writing practice).

Kiwi Crate Morning and Evening Routine Printable

Morning and Bedtime Routine Printables
We created these printable morning and bedtime routines to help kids get out the door to school and daycare…and help wind down for a good night’s sleep. Print them out for every day of the week–or do what we do: drop them in a plastic page protector and let kids cross out the steps in dry-erase marker.

Kiwi Crate 5 days of Lunches

5 day School Lunch Menu
Want an easy 5-day school lunch plan? Here you go! Courtesy of our friends at MOMables, it features 5 days of easy, healthy, prep-ahead school lunches, along with recipes and a shopping list! (Each recipe includes gluten-free options.)

Kiwi Crate Back to School Lunch Love Notes

Lunch Love Notes
Finding a special note tucked under a sandwich or apple can prove a sweet surprise, especially for a child who’s suffering first-day jitters.

Kiwi Crate Printable Story Cards

Printable Story Cards
Looking for a fun way to fuel your kids’ creativity and communication skills? These 30 story starters will stretch their imaginations and help them spin yarns worth weaving!

Kiwi Crate Draw Your Day Printable Placemats

Draw Your Day Printable Placemats
Weekday dinners can be tough. Have your children help out with dinner by setting the table. They’ll be much more excited about it if they can create their own placemat!

Kiwi Crate Printable Calendar

Kiwi Crate Desk Calendar Printable
Give your kids their own personal calendar so they can keep track of the week. Helpful for any young student’s desk at home.



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