Introducing our Time Traveler Series!

Are your kids back in school yet? The beginning of the school year brings: new classes, new friends and new things to learn. And we’re introducing our newest 3-part crate theme, the Time Traveler series, to correspond with the beginning of the school year. We’ve developed three really interactive and creative themes all centered around traveling back in time. Our crates will be perfect for weekends or after-school family time, and are a great way to encourage learning at home. Your kids will learn all about about past eras and ways of life.

Here’s a little sneak peek :

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Learn about family crests and what life was like for people in medieval castles and villages. Experiment making your own colorful paints using fruits and vegetables.


My Medieval Castle
Design and construct your own castle.  Then customize it with felt and stickers. Decorate your castle characters and go on an adventure!

My Launching Catapult
Build your own catapult and test your aim with a target! Experiment with the angle of your catapult to make it fire higher or farther.


Learn about different jobs people had in the Wild West, including the adventurous life of a cowboy and his cows, and how to turn an old necktie into a fun, rattling, rattlesnake.


My Hobby Horse
Make your own stuffed hobby horse. Ride your horse and go on a wild west adventure.

My Cattle Roundup
Make and decorate your own cattle bean bags. Then help Steve wrangle them with a fun bean bag toss game.


Explore the world of dinosaurs and learn how paleontologists discover dinosaur bones. Learn how to make dinosaur fossils you can dig up yourself!


My Dinosaur Fossils
Arrange dinosaur bones into different dinosaur skeletons. Then use clay to make your own dinosaur fossils.

My Dinosaur Dress-Up
Use colorful felt to make your own dinosaur visor and feet. Practice stomping around like a dinosaur or play a game of dinosaur tag.

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