Castles, Dragons and Knights Galore

You should be receiving your Castle + Catapult crates this week or next and we wanted to share even more medieval DIYs, projects and crafts. These are some of favorites that will really emerge your children in time period! There’s something for everyone from knights, jousting, lacy crown and castle/fort building.

DIY Shield and Coat of Arms

DIY Shield and Coat of Arms
Did you know that during Medieval times, knights used special designs and pictures on their shields — called a coat of arms — to identify themselves? This fun & easy DIY project will allow your kids to come up with a design for their own shield.

DIY Knight's Helmet

Knight’s Helmet
Make your very own knights helmet using silver cardstock! Have fun with your kids looking up different famous historical knights and their helmets and try to replicate them! Will your kids be Sir Lancelot or King Arthur?

Kiwi Crate Felt Castle Play Mat

Felt Play Mat
What better way to let the kids get creative than to let them design their own towns? The sky is the limit to what they can create for this fun play mat that is easily folded up and stored anywhere. Both of my kids were in heaven designing their dream towns–no shortage of water and sea creatures for them!

Painted Cardboard Castle

Painted Castle Made from Cardboard
Try this quick and fun project to keep your kids occupied and their create juices flowing. What kind of castle will they create? Are they more of the fairytale princess castle type would they prefer a gothic-style castle?

DIY Jousting Lance

DIY Pool Noodle Jousting Lance
These jousting lances are the perfect way to enjoy some medieval play! They’re made from pool noodles so your little knights won’t come to any harm. A great way to enjoy some outdoor time and get their cooped up energy out!

DIY Paper Jester Cap

DIY Paper Jester’s Hat
Let your children learn more about the “sillier” side of the Middle Ages. Create this court jester cap out of paper and it will be none stop entertainment. Your kids will love getting their sillies out and goofing around in the jester role!

Q-Tip Bow and Arrows

Q-Tip Bow and Arrows
Your children will be fascinated with mini set of bows and arrows. Assembly is quick and very soon you’ll have little knights on the loose. Time for target practice!

DIY Paper Medieval Torches

DIY Medieval Paper Torches
This is a super easy project using only paper, staples and glue. Before you know it, your kids can have fun pretending with these fiery torches to light the way!

DIY Crown Made from Lace

DIY Crown Made of Lace
This delicate crown makes a perfect accessory for a romantic princess or prince, king or queen. Using only a few items, you can make this unique head piece that will make dress-up much more special!

DIY Paper Roll and Foil Swords

DIY Paper Roll and Foil Swords
What’s a knight without their sword? This is the perfect craft for a play date! Your mini-knights will enjoy making their very own sword. Make these great play swords from an empty paper roll, some cardboard for a handle and foil for the blade!

Medieval Paper Crown

Medieval Paper Crown
These crowns are such famous symbols of the medieval era. This project is a little more in-depth, but the results are spectacular. Your child will have fun creating their own crown to suit their personality.

Paper Cup Fire Breathing Dragons

Paper Cup Fire Breathing Dragons
Would your child rather be a fire breathing dragon than a knight or princess? They’ll love this interactive craft. They can make their very own dragon out of paper cups and then when they blow through the cup, the crepe paper will mimic fire!

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