Sneak Peek: Introducting October’s Theme!

We’re now fully in the midst of Fall and we’re excited to bring you this fun cowboy-themed crate: Wild West! We hope the projects for this month will help inspire your child’s love of learning the history of cowboys and the world they lived in.

Wild West Kiwi Crate

My Hobby Horse
You can create your own trusty steed to aid you on your cowboy adventures. A cowboy is only as good as his horse after all!

Wild West Kiwi Crate My Hobby Horse

My Cattle Roundup
Then you can make and decorate your own cattle bean bags. Help Steve wrangle them with a fun bean bag toss game.

Wild West Kiwi Crate My Cattle Roundup

explore! magazine
In this month’s explore! magazine, you’ll head West with Steve the Kiwi. You’ll meet Adrian the armadillo and track down Steve’s missing friend, Betsy the cow. Learn what a day in the life of a old-time cowboy was like and explore other typical jobs for during the same time period. You’ll also get to make your very own covered wagon!

Kiwi Crate Explore! Magazine Wild West

Kiwi Crate Library
Want even more cowboy-related fun? Try a couple of these cowboy-themed books on for size:

Kiwi Crate Wild West Books

Westward Ho!
by Laurie Carlson
Ages 5+
An activity guide that explores the history and character of the wild west through lots of project ideas and activities.

Cindy Ellen: A Wild Western Cinderella
by Susan Lowell
Ages 4+
An adorable take on a classic fairy tale, Cindy Ellen is full of visual imagery and slang from the wild west.

The Toughest Cowboy
by John Frank
Ages 6+
An incredibly funny tall tale about a gruff cowboy and a fluffy poodle. Perfect for young cowpokes who like puns and witty humor.

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