Wild West Adventures

October’s Wild West Kiwi Crates are shipping out this week. We hope you are all excited as we are! We wanted to share with you a collection of our favorite projects all centered around cowboys, Native Americans and the Wild West frontier. We hope you and your kids will enjoy some of these crafts and activities along with your Wild West crate!

Kiwi Crate DIY Teepee

Miniature Teepee
Make an easy teepee out of sticks and paper for hours of pretend play. Learn about early Native American life and all about the construction of teepees.

Handprint Camfire

Hand Print Campfires
This fun campfire art project always turns out great and it’s so easy to do with just paint and paper. You and your child could also talk about and explore different flame colors and what causes them.

Make your own corn husk doll

Corn Husk Doll
Corn husk dolls have been around a long, long time. Your child will enjoy making this old-fashioned toy out of something so unexpected!

Wanted Poster Printable

Free WANTED Poster Printable
This free printable is a great way to get your child’s imagination flowing. Together you can come up with a whole slew of fun characters to add to these posters.

Fingerprint Corn

Fingerprint Corn
This is a craft that even the youngest of you Kiwi Craters out there can enjoy! Create your own unique ears of corn.

Paperbag Cowboy and Sheriff Vests

Paper Bag Cowboy and Sheriff Vests
This great DIY costume is made from paper bags and envelopes! Native American Headband  Native American Headband
Dress up is always a kid favorite! This DIY will be fun for your child to create and role-play with afterwards! Owl Burlap Fall Flag Owl Burlap Fall Flag
Make these adorable owls using an apple as the stamp. This is the perfect fall craft and you can display it year after year. Sheriff Badge Sheriff Badge
When there’s a cowboy, there’s always a sheriff! This great sheriff badge is simple to make with card stock. Then adorn it with stickers or whatever your child would like to add to make it there very own. World's Best Popcorn Ball World’s Best Popcorn Ball Recipe
Popcorn has a long history in our country. Cowboys might not have had these amazing popcorn balls, but they probably would have loved them just as much as we do!

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