Sneak Peek: Introducing January’s Theme

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Let’s kick off the new year with a brand new crate! The theme this month is Let’s Bake.

Begin your baking adventure by pulling out your very own chef’s hat and apron included in your crate to decorate. Learn about the tools you need to bake and make your own frosted cake with icing clay and fun toppings – yum!  Plus, learn all about the chemistry of baking and the “magic” that makes cakes rise.

There is so much fun to be had this month and we can’t wait to share it with you!


My Chef Dress-Up

Before you starting baking like a chef, first you need to look like one! Decorate your chef’s hat and apron using fun food-shaped stickers and crayons.  Great for young chefs to wear in real or play kitchens!



My Frosted Cake

Now that you are dressed for success, it’s time to bake a cake!  In this project – which is great for inspiring imaginative play – create your own layered cake with sponge cake pieces. Decorate your cake in whatever way your creativity takes you, with super-cool “icing” clay and colorful cake toppings. Don’t forget to share the cake with your friends and family!


explore! Magazine

In this month’s explore! magazine, Steve meets a new friend, Dave the Elephant, who helps Steve make a mud pie! Steve and Dave discover the tools they need to bake and then share their mud pie with all their friends.

Learn to make your own salt dough and then craft it into a pie, a pretzel or a croissant! Investigate what yeast does in our science baking experiment and find out what the height of a chef’s hat means. You can also turn your crate into your very own stovetop to help you bake!


Kiwi Crate Library

Here are a few of our favorite baking themed books you can share with your friends and family to extend the baking fun!

Whopper Cake
by Karma Wilson
Ages 4+

Join a grandfather and his grandson in making the biggest cake (and biggest mess) for grandma’s birthday!

by Janet Stevens and Susan Stevens Crummel
Ages 4+

After having trouble baking a strawberry shortcake, Rooster learns from his mistakes and makes a masterpiece with his friends.

Cakes and Miracles: A Purim Tale
by Barbara Diamond Goldin
Ages 4+

Learn more about Purim, a Jewish holiday, and how baking and working together leads to closer familial ties.



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  1. Same problem except it’s our clothes and dining table. So upset and disappointed it didn’t say anything on the package about it not being washable. I hope we can find a way to get it off our table without ruining it! It’s brand new! 🙁

    1. Hi Ana – If you would like to email our Customer Care team they will be happy to help! They have a range of advice on how to get the clay out of clothes and other household items. You can email them at [email protected].

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