Kiwi Crate’s New Friends at Toca Magazine

At Kiwi Crate, we’re excited to join forces with Toca Boca as we celebrate the creativity and learning that hands-on experiences can spark in curious kids. This is a topic we feel passionately about at Kiwi Crate, and one that is regularly explored on Toca Magazine.

Over the coming  weeks, we will share some of Toca Magazine’s inspired articles where you can:

  • Learn how making makes kids smarter from the father of the maker movement
  • Explore the inspiration behind DIY as a hands-on play model
  • Discover more online resources for your maker kid

Kiwi Crate and Toca Boca both believe that kids’ creativity is a powerful force, and we want to help parents support their kids as they create, build and explore. Thank you for joining us!

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