Create Your Own Backyard Sporting Competition!

Summertime is for running barefooted in the grass, exploring the outdoors and playing like there is no school tomorrow. Get active, drop the devices and get outside for a friendly sporting competition!


Gear up for the friendly backyard games with the essentials: a flag and score sheet.

Pretend to compete for a country of your choosing or making. Create a flag for your nation on burlap, with a handprint or using salt!


As each event passes, keep score in your very own score sheet! Either make one yourself, or use our score sheet printable.


There are countless events you can create to compete in. We encourage you to explore the ones below and make up a few of your own. Just don’t forget to keep an imaginary or real judge nearby to mark up your score sheet!

ARCHERY. Become an archer for an afternoon with a Q-tip bow and arrow. Try aiming for a target, then experiment with aiming for distance.


TENNIS. Hold a friendly tennis match against yourself or a friend with your very own balloon tennis set! Create your ball and racket from balloons, paper plates, craft sticks, tape and scissors. Game, set, match!


SAILING. Let’s go sailing! Make your own ice boat or sail boat, and launch into the next competition. You can race a friend, goal for a certain time or build an obstacle course to navigate around.


WEIGHTLIFTING. Discover the muscle potential of paper and design. Make your own paper experiment and compete to see which design holds the most weight!


GOLF. Concentrate, aim and swing! Make your very own golf tournament with this mouse hole roll. You create a course by moving around the mouse hole and placing different objects in the way.



Time to give the winners a moment of recognition. Total the score sheet points and have the judges hand out medals for each event, category or both. You can use our medal printable or make your own with our giant medal DIY!


Bring a little more fun to the ceremony with a homemade confetti blower. To make one grab some construction paper, a hole punch, a scissors, a glue stick and a stapler.


We hope you enjoy your backyard sporting competition. 😊  Share photos with us on Facebook and Instagram, we love seeing what you make! Follow us on Facebook at Koala Crate or Kiwi Crate, and on Instagram at @koalacratekids or @kiwicrate.

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