Create Meaningful Back-to-School Goals

Where did I put my homework? Is this the right room? How should I decorate my locker? Where should I eat lunch? The beginning of the school year is a time for questions and getting organized. Teens and tweens can easily get lost in a sea of obligations and tomorrow’s homework. Help them lift their head above the cloud of today’s business, and begin the school year with creativity and intention.

Encourage your teen or tween to pick a few of the following prompts, and draw or write the answers out in a journal or notebook. A fresh new journal is always good inspiration for an activity like this; you can make your own with our handmade journal project. You could help get them started (and maybe prevent the eye-rolling) by doing the exercise yourself!

Example prompts:

  • What hopes do you have for the school year? (think about your school work, social life, sports, and hobbies)
  • What do you hope to learn this school year?
  • What creative projects or activities would you like to try this year?
  • What would happy look like when you’ve arrived to the end of the school year?

Make a plan:

  • What little steps do you need to accomplish in order to achieve each of your goals?
  • What worked really well for you last year and what didn’t?
  • What observations have your teachers, mentors, or family made that can help you accomplish your hopes, dreams and goals this year?
  • How can family and friends help you achieve your hopes and dreams for the year?


Come back to the goals that came out of the exercise after four to six weeks. Have things worked out the way you thought they would? If not, how might you want to adjust your plan or your goals? Share a few reflections from your own goals with your child and ask if he/she wants to share with you! 

We’d love to hear how your goal setting experience went. Did anything from the exercise surprise you? Let us know what other prompts and planning techniques helped you create meaningful back-to-school goals.

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