13 Spooky Halloween Decorations for Kids

Pumpkins, ghosts, and spiders! Oh my! Get ready for a spooky evening of trick-or-treating with these homemade Halloween decorations. Your makers will get a kick out of exercising their creativity with these scary cute Halloween projects.

Pac-Man Inspired Glowing Ghost (Ages 7-16)

EL wire can be used to create bright outlines that will stand out in the dark. You can make your own glowing ghosts, and customize them however you like!


Halloween Milk Jug Lanterns (Ages 3-9)

You kids will have a blast drawing spooky faces on recycled milk jugs. All you need are empty gallon milk jugs, permanent markers, string lights, and scissors. The design is up to the whims of your creativity!


Flying Bat Ornaments (Ages 3-9)

Hang your egg carton bat for the perfect Halloween decoration. If you can hang it near a window, even better. Your child will get a chance to see it “fly”!


Spider Web Snacks (Ages 3-9)

It’s hard to go wrong with a craft that involves two kinds of chocolate! Decorate the dinner table for your family with these fun and yummy spider web snacks.


Paper Plate Halloween Crafts (Ages 3-9)

A super simple, last minute  craft idea the kids, create Halloween characters using dessert plates from the dollar store and a short list of supplies.


Spooky Stone Spiders (Ages 3-9)

With a short list of supplies and a simple set of instructions, these fun little spiders are sure to be a Halloween crafting hit with the kiddos!


Ghost Tealights (Ages 5-16)

Candles make for a perfectly eerie glow. Mold ghosts from air-dry clay to illuminate Halloween dinnertime stories.


Halloween Balloon Monsters (Ages 3-7)

We had a great time making monsters that glow at night! Once you’re done decorating the balloons, it’s time to find a place for them in the Halloween decor.


Halloween Crystals (Ages 7-16)

Ready to try some spooky science? We made these little Halloween crystals to decorate our home! The project takes some time, but it was fascinating to grow crystals right in our kitchen.



Creepy-Crawly Pipe Cleaner Spiders (Ages 3-7)

Add some creepy crawlers to your decor this year with a simple and fun spider craft made from pipe cleaners and beads.


Graveyard Boogie (Ages 5-10)

We love combining art and science for some creative fun. The static electricity will make the tissue paper ghosts rise and dance! Their dance moves are electrifying. 😉


Paper Mache Pumpkin Decorations (Ages 6-12)

Put those Doodle Crate paper mache skills to work with a festive fall pumpkin! It’s a great alternative or companion for a real pumpkin jack-o-lantern.


Witch Hat Ring Toss Game (Ages 3-8)

This ring toss is easy enough for the little ones, and also challenging for teens and grownups. It all depends on where you stand. Hope you have fun creating and playing your own witch hat ring toss for spooktacular family fun!




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