10 Homemade Holiday Ornaments for Kids

Making holiday ornaments for the Christmas tree is a special tradition and memory for so many kids! They are a great way to display kids’ creativity prominently during the holidays, and stock up on family keepsakes. It’s fun to see how everyone’s creativity changes over the years and reminisce on the holidays you have been lucky enough to spend together. 🙂

Marbled Ornament (Ages 6-10)

With just some nail polish and water, you can transform an ordinary glass globe ornament into a beautiful decoration for your Christmas tree!


Swirly Ornaments (Ages 6-11)

Creating colorful ornaments for the Christmas tree is a great holiday tradition to start with your little ones.


Coffee Sleeve Ornament (Ages 2-6)

We love crafts that involve reusing items that would otherwise be thrown away. With this craft, you can enjoy a coffee break and help spark your child’s creativity at the same time.


Homemade Dough Ornaments (Ages 3-16)

Create these nature-inspired dough decorations with an easy no-bake recipe for white dough that hardens overnight. Using tree trimmings and alphabet stamps made them extra special and unique!


Foil Punch Ornaments (Ages 5-12)

This holiday season, repurpose extra pie tins into luminary decorations for the Christmas tree. Show your holiday spirit by exploring new shapes, patterns, and lighting!


Möbius Strip Ornaments (Ages 9-16)

Artists and mathematicians have a long history of developing impossible shapes and forms that can’t exist in reality. There’s one “impossible” object that you can easily make at home: The Möbius Strip. It’s a three-dimensional shape with only one side, and it’s perfect for holiday decorating!


Peppermint Wreath Ornaments (Ages 4-9)

Pretty, simple wreaths made entirely from peppermints! Just put them in the oven, and let them make some holiday magic.


Light-Up Terrarium Ornaments (Ages 5-9)

A modern and natural way to decorate a small Christmas tree. It’s a fun way to use the moss and various natural curiosities that you collect.


Washi Tape Ornaments (Ages 3-9)

Now that the Christmas tree is up, all the kids want to do is create more ornaments to hang up! Here is a fun, quick, and low-mess option to do with washi tape.


Pressed Flower Ornaments (Ages 7-16)

Create beautiful pressed flower decorations, which can also double as great gift tags. If you have some leaves or flowers you want to preserve, try this DIY!

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Doodle Crate Chalkboard Ornaments (Ages 9-16+)

Create perfectly personalized ornaments with a little bit of chalkboard paint, chalk, and chalk markers! Transform blank wooden shapes and decorate them in your own style. Best of all, you can wipe these shapes clean and redecorate them whenever you want.


Did you like these projects? Accompany your awesome ornaments with some STEAM gifts this year! Stop by our gift guide to see our 100+ gifts for kids of all ages.

Wishing you happy holidays and merry Christmas tree! Let us know how you like to decorate your tree in the comments below.

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