20 Creative Kid-Made Gift Ideas

While often kids are the receivers of gifts, it can be really fun for them to give as well! Sharing handmade gifts with others can reinforce the oh so important lessons of gratitude and kindness. From candles to picture frames, making a gift for someone special in their lives will certainly make everyone proud. We’ve compiled 20 projects below to get you started, the rest is up to your creativity!

Mini Foosball (Ages 9-16)

Make a mini-sized and portable foosball game with easily found materials. The games will begin as soon as the gift is unwrapped!


Tipping Egg Toy (Ages 3-16)

This simple egg weight toy is a great add to anyone’s desk and fun to make!


Baking Soda Ocean Art (Ages 9-16)

The perfect gift for those imagining a seaside getaway! Have some creative beach fun making this undersea collection from baking soda dough.


Bath Bombs (Ages 9-16)

Splish splash add a little science to the bath! These homemade bath bombs make great presents and include a science lesson.


 Candle Art Transfer (Ages 5-16)

Every time someone goes to light this candle, they’ll think of you. You will be amazed at what a hair dryer and wax paper can do!


Hot Cocoa Spoons (Ages 5-16)

Chocolate is a household staple, particularly during the winter season. Create hot cocoa spoon gifts for the family. With so many ways to customize them, everyone will get something unique!


Marbled Paperweight (Ages 9-16)

These pretty rainbow rocks are perfect for brightening up a desk! With just some nail polish and water, you can transform an ordinary rock into your own marbled paperweight.


Gratitude Box (Ages 5-16)

Using a simple watercolor technique to create a vibrant and unique gift to show someone how grateful you are for them!


Animal Pancakes (Ages 5-16)

Who doesn’t love breakfast in bed? And with a little imagination, you can turn an ordinary breakfast into a creative masterpiece! Using some fresh fruits and pancakes, you can create plates of animal-shaped pancakes for the special day.


Hand-shaped Dish (Ages 3-5)

Kids grow up so fast. In just a few years their hands go from itty bitty to nearly rivaling your own! Try this twist on the classic handprint in clay to capture a memory of your little ones. It’s great for holding candy or rings!


Stained Glass Necklace (Ages 3-9)

Kids will love this fun project! They’ll watch in amazement as their artwork shrinks and turns into a beautiful necklace.


Celery Stamped Napkins (Ages 3-16)

You can create your very own stamped napkins with a stalk of celery! The end result is a one-of-a-kind gift. You can also try out different vegetable patterns such as bell peppers, okras, or lotus roots.


Rolled-paper Picture Frame (Ages 9-16)

This is a great gift for warming up someone’s desk at home or at work! You can also personalize this project by using festive paper or someone’s favorite newspaper.


Chalkboard Painted Block Puzzle (Ages 4-9)

This puzzle is a super simple gift to make and great for encouraging the recipients to practice creative play!


Paper Bowls Made of Recycled Paper (Ages 5-9)

This recycling project is a lovely way to use that tall stack of already-used paper that the children are done with. Drawn on, ripped, or colored, it’s all good for this handmade gift!


Craft Stick Pencil Holder (Ages 3-7)

What’s more fun than making a gift that can be seen around the house for many visits to come? These holders are great for organizing paintbrushes, crayons, or markers.


Peppermint Bark

Oh, look, it’s another lovely handmade gift! Perfect on plates of goodies for neighbors, or in a pretty tin for Grandma.


Personalized Softball (Ages 2-9)

Children love when they can use markers on a new type of canvas. On this day, we found these great softballs at a thrift store for under a dollar and turned them into a very special gift!


Chalkboard Frame (Ages 4-9)

A chalkboard frame gives kids the opportunity to draw on a surface which is usually off-limits. That alone can be really fun for them! You can use the frame to leave the recipient a new message each time you come visit.


These are just 20 ideas from our wealth of DIYs! We encourage you to try one and put your own spin on it! Play with using chalkboard paints instead of chalk, or try apples instead of celery. In the end, what’s special about handmade gifts is the time you spend thinking about the recipient, and the consideration you take to creating something unique for that person.


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