The Most Important Thing: Hands-On Family Time

SamJennaCyndi, and Robyn have given us some great tips and tricks for keeping what matters most in focus during the chaotic holiday season. Read on for Aspen’s creative takeaways!

Hi there! I’m Aspen. I am a full-time working wife and mother of one (soon-to-be three little ones)! I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to incorporate Koala Crate projects into our family activities this season. With both my husband and I always on the go, it’s been a nice change to be more intentional with how I spend my time in the evenings with our three-year-old daughter.


While I try to make time for taking care of normal household responsibilities after work, I still have to remember to make time for building a strong relationship with my daughter through conversation, cuddles, and even playing together. Koala Crate projects have been such a perfect addition to our evening routine! Before dinner and bathtime, these projects allow us to slow down and spend a little extra hands-on and creative time together, as well as engage in open-ended discussions; I especially like that she gets to have most of the control. I get to help and guide as needed. I’m impressed that she now looks forward to “doing projects” with me and her dad without even being prompted.


Being that our daughter is still very young, I’ve never given much thought to creating unique family holiday traditions. After reflecting on our recent years, I can say that days just seem to run together. We tend to just go with the flow of daily life. We tend not to have a set plan for how we will spend our time together as a family. However, I am a believer in setting aside time to create beautiful moments for teaching, learning, and just having a joyful time.


These are a few ways I made time to create family traditions this season:

  1. Whether it be material things, outside events, or spending too much time on frivolous things that affect the time you spend together – minimize the unnecessary. I’ve been busy purging things from our home with the idea of “if I don’t need it, get rid of it.”
  2. Limit television and screen time. It’s so easy to get into a habit of coming home and getting in front of the TV until we doze off. Instead, I make it a priority to unwind by engaging in hands-on activities. This could be table projects, allowing the little one to help bake gingerbread man and sugar cookies, or even reading books together.
  3. Add friends to the fun. I love spreading the love by traveling with my little family to spend time with my good friends and their families. This way we can still share joyful moments together with our loved ones!

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