5 Creative Ways to Practice Kindness with Kids


How can you raise kinder kids? One of a couple recommendations from Harvard’s Making Caring Common project is daily repetition. Just like math homework or writing an essay, kindness takes practice. Whether it’s being kind to a neighbor or sharing a toy with a sibling, there are many ways to integrate kindness into your day-to-day. We’re sharing some ideas to spark your own creativity and make practicing kindness fun for everyone!

Bring homemade cards to a local nursing home.

Nothing warms the heart like a homemade card. Gather your kids together to make unforgettably creative cards for a local nursing home or even a neighbor.

Light-Up Valentine (Ages 9-16)


Easy Stitch Cards (Ages 4-9)


Skeleton Leaves (Ages 7 -16)


Learn to care for a plant.

Whether you decide to build an intricate garden in the backyard or raise a little piece of grass in an eggshell, caring for a plant is a great way for kids to cultivate kindness for the living things around them.

Eggheads (Ages 2-9)


Plant Light Maze (Ages 9-16)


Grass Seed + Sponge (Ages 2-9)


Raise money for a cause with a lemonade, hot cocoa, or maker stand.

Talk to your kids about causes they care about. Then, find a nonprofit working for that cause to raise money for. Our CEO found her son loved hippos, so they are looking for nonprofits that protect hippos! Kids can choose the classic lemonade or hot cocoa stand, or even try selling their projects to neighbors and friends. We’ve highlighted a couple of our many DIY projects for kids to make below!

Hot Cocoa Spoons (Ages 5-16)


Marshmallow Pops (Ages 9-16)


Marbled Paperweight (Ages 9-16)


Pressed Flower Ornaments (Ages 7-16)


Join a creative community that gives back.

This will not only help your kids zoom out of their social circles but also, hold your family accountable for that kindness habit. We were introduced to e-NABLE by one of our awesome Tinker Crate kids, but there are tons of other groups out there eagerly awaiting volunteers.

Celebrate random acts of kindness.

As your kids are putting to practice their daily acts of kindness, recognize their efforts with a fun tradition. With this kindness wreath, you can add a ribbon each time a family member completes an act of kindness, or simply points one out!

Kindness Wreath (Ages 3-9)


How does your family practice kindness? Share with us in the comments below. Wishing you all an especially nice day! 🙂


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