6 Cool Crystal Science Projects for Kids


Explore the science of crystals! Learn about crystallization by trying these hands-on experiments and projects. Most of these projects are (at least) overnighters, so be sure to budget in time for the crystals to grow. It’s a splendid sight when they do!

Egg Geodes (Ages 9-16)

Try this egg experiment and grow your very own borax crystals in a shell! Experiment with different borax concentrations and see how big your crystals can grow.


Crystal Suncatchers (Ages 4-16)

In this experiment, discover how Epsom salt creates sparkly crystals as it dries and explore the science of crystallization.


Peppermint Sugar Crystals (Ages 7-16)

Learn how to make your own, edible peppermint sugar crystals, while learning about the science behind supersaturated liquids. This supersaturated sugar solution is great for growing crystals because the sugar wants to fall out of the water – it just needs a place to start.

Hot Ice Hand Warmers (Ages 8-16)

Explore the reaction that makes commercial heating pads and hand warmers work! This process of crystallization is an exothermic reaction, which means it releases a lot of heat.


Crystal Pine Tree (Ages 6-16)

The crystals are grown on a sturdy paper base, and appear overnight! Almost any shape will work as long as it has plenty of sharp points for the crystals to grow on, so feel free to experiment and come up with your amazing growing crystal designs.

Crystal Snowflakes (Ages 5-16)

Did you know you can grow borax crystals in a mason jar? Experiment with simple pipe cleaner method to make sparkling snowflakes or ghoulish shapes.




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