What’s new at KiwiCo this holiday season?

intlshipforblog-300x141 The holidays are almost upon us (can you believe it??), and things are heating up here at KiwiCo HQ! We have just launched some really fun and exciting new projects, and we’re thrilled to share what’s new at KiwiCo this holiday season!

New electronics projects
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Longtime KiwiCo fans will remember that we launched Tinker Crate three years ago—and it’s been a huge hit from Day One. It’s clear—we love STEM, you love STEM. 🙂 But we’ve heard a request from some customers for even more advanced projects. Well, guess what? You asked, and we delivered!

This holiday season we’re launching three new, advanced electronics projects—which make the perfect gift for all the older kids (and kids at heart) in your life!

Now available for pre-order, you can buy just one, or all three of these crates at a discounted rate:

Hand-Crank Flashlight, $34.95

Light-Up Speaker, $39.95

Geometric Laser Projector, $44.95

International shipping
Our friends in New Zealand have been asking for years—and now we’re shipping our crates to countries all over the world! Kids in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and Europe are in luck—they can experience the joy of monthly STEAM-inspired activities. Standard shipping fees apply.

Cricket Crate

We’re so pleased and proud to announce the roll-out of our newest line: Cricket Crate! Crate joins our four existing product lines: Koala Crate for ages 3-4, Kiwi Crate for ages 5-8, and Doodle & Tinker Crates for ages 9-16+.

Launched as a Newborn Pack (for 0-3 months) last year, we’ve now extended the line to bring learning and delight to kids 24 to 36 months old. Perfectly designed for toddlers, each Cricket Crate contains age-appropriate activities to stimulate your little one’s growing mind! Plus, each crate has tips and resources for parents, complete with advice from experts at the Seattle Children’s Hospital. A portion of every Cricket Crate purchase is donated toward research about child development.

Holiday crates
In the mood for something seasonal? We’ve got you covered. Kids can learn about circuits and LED lights with our newest holiday crate from Tinker, the LED Holiday Luminary.

For the more artistically-inclined, we have Chalkboard Ornaments from Doodle.

Check out these seasonal crates and more at our store. Single crates make great gifts, and they perfectly complement any subscription you may already have.

We hope you’re as excited about all this KiwiCo news as we are. Let us know what you think in the comments below…and happy holidays!

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  1. We are always so excited to receive our crates. My son anticipates every arrival. Today’s crate was a huge success! I love how he’s able to take complete ownership of each project. I don’t feel like I have to do the projects for him. Instead, today I actually had the time to take a shower!!! By the time I returned, he had made substantial progress on his own. Later, he showed it off to the rest of the family. We love Tinker Crates!

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