What is a bomb cyclone?

We’ve all been hearing a lot about them, but are bomb cyclones as scary as they sound? As it turns out, they are! And way more scientific than you might think.
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The technical term for the storm currently hitting the Northeast is a “bombogenesis.” That’s right. Bomb. Oh. Genesis. That’s a fun description for what happens when atmospheric pressure (force exerted by the air’s weight) drops quickly and dramatically. When this happens, more air rushes in to fill the void, which can cause hurricane-force winds.
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The bomb cyclone has already caused snow in places as far south as Georgia and Florida. As it hits the Eastern seaboard, we can expect to see record low temperatures as we move into the weekend. Remember, above all, stay safe this winter season!
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If you are interested in learning more about the science behind winter weather, be sure to check out our post about snow and ice.

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