MLK Day Inspiration: Tackle a Problem You’re Passionate About

Martin Luther King Jr., Day is observed as a national holiday, but did you know that it’s the only federal holiday observed as a national day of service? Some even call it a “day on” instead of a day off. That’s because Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a man who dedicated his life to helping others: he stood for peace, social justice, and equal opportunities for everyone. By his words and actions, he has inspired millions of people to be courageous in tackling problems and injustices we see in our communities.

The MLK, Jr., holiday reminds us to ask: How can I act not only selflessly, but courageously, in tackling problems?

MLK, Jr. was passionate about social justice, because he witnessed people in his community being treated unfairly, due to the color of their skin. In honor of Dr. King, why not take today to identify what you are passionate about? Maybe it’s protecting the environment, feeding the homeless, or caring for sick people.

What are the biggest problems you see in your community? Do you have a favorite park, garden, or outdoor space that needs to be cleaned up? How about people you’ve seen who might be hungry, or who are being looked after in hospitals or nursing homes? Here are some examples of kids who have seen those problems and tackled them head on.

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What’s one small thing that you can do today to help tackle a problem in your community?

If you need help finding inspiration for a project, check out this site! Happy Martin Luther King Day!

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