Kids’ Birthday Party Ideas

Did you know that KiwiCo makes it easy to throw an amazing birthday party for your child? Guests can learn a little something and have tons of fun as well! Here are a few of our favorite kids’ birthday party ideas:

Dinosaur Birthday Party

First thing’s first: make sure you have tons of fun activities for the kiddos! Why not start with our Dinosaur Dress-Up crate (only $9.95 each)? Each crate contains all the materials and instructions to decorate a dinosaur tail and a matching pair of dino feet.

Need another activity? Why not try these adorable dino fossils.

Or have your budding paleontologists go for a dinosaur dig by creating dinosaur eggs and hiding them in a sandbox (or just around the yard!) for everyone to find.

Superhero Birthday Party

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no…it’s your little superhero! Help your child’s imagination run wild with these Superhero Dress-Up crates — each one is only $9.95 and includes all the materials to make a felt mask and pair of arm cuffs.

Plus, adorable capes they can make themselves, available in blue and red, starting at just $12.95.

Cowgirl Birthday Party

Yee-haw, and giddy-up! With our Wild West crates (for ages 3-4), your cow-pokes in training can make bandanas with handmade horseshoe stamps, hand-painted horseshoe bags, and their own personal hobby horses to gallop around!

Cars Birthday Party

We make it easy for you to have a whole gang of kids make their own customized race cars, with our Speedy Race Car crates (for ages 3-4)! All crates include black washi tape to create speedways on any surface.

Pirate Birthday Party

Ahoy, mateys! Set sail and learn about pirates with our Pirate crates (for ages 3-4). Kids can make and decorate their own pirate hats, decorate a parrot puppet to make a sidekick, and build a pirate ship and watch it set sail on the open water!

For an injection of science into the pirate fun and games, check out this amazing Golden Pirate Slime!

Kids can paint rocks to become gems--perfect for pirates’ booty.

Then, make tea paper maps (with an “X” to mark the spot!) so the little pirates can find their home-made treasure 🙂

Owl Birthday Party

What’s cuter than an owl-themed birthday party? Kids can make these adorable (and fluffy!) critters with our Pom-Pom Owls crates, and bring their creations to life with felt, stickers, and pipecleaners.

As a final touch, this Owl Pinata makes the perfect party decor.

Rainbow Birthday Party

Check out these amazing activities to explore for a Rainbow Birthday Party, perfect for ages 3-4 as well as children ages 5-8.

For the younger kids, try our Colors crate, including a color scavenger hunt with a soft color cube, color mixing, and resist painting to make a lively watercolor banner.

For kids ages 5-8, our Color and Light crates are perfect. With a color-mixing light jar, colorful shadows, and rainbow glasses, kids can learn all about the spectrum of light, and how just a few primary colors create all the nuanced colors the human eye can see!

For a fruity snack, no matter, the kiddos’ ages, Rainbow Kebabs are delicious and healthy!

And Pretzel Dips make for a fun dessert.

Under the Sea Birthday Party

Kids ages 3-4 can take a dive into aquatic adventures with our Ocean Adventure crates: three engaging activities and a bonus magazine! Experiment with color mixing to create tie-dye, colorful fish. Build a fishing rod and try to catch your fish (while practicing fine motor skills!). Explore different sea creatures with a bath-friendly nesting puzzle.

A fun addition to any Under the Sea party? An Ocean Sensory Tray!

Farm Birthday Party

For our final kids’ birthday party idea: take a trip to the farm with our Farm crates, for kids ages 3-4! Guests can make beaded vegetables and play a matching game, plus they can create four adorable animal finger puppets to live inside their barn tote carrying case.

For a sweet reminder of the big day, have the guests contribute to a Handprint Farm!

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