10 Spring Crafts for Kids!

It’s officially spring! Even though some families will need to wait a few more weeks to actually see it, why not celebrate with these 10 spring crafts for kids, all STEAM-inspired DIY projects from our library.

Recommended age range: 2 – 9 years old
These little eggheads are an adorable project! Just plant the grass seed and watch the hair grow.

Painting on the Fence for Toddlers
Recommended age range: 2 – 4 years old
Head outside to do some painting with your toddler. It’s fun for them and the clean up is easy for the grown-ups. Just hose off the fence–and the toddler, too.

Alphabet Flower Garden
Recommended age range: 2 – 5 years old
Make a beautiful flower garden while learning letters and letter sounds!

Make Your Own CD Garden
Recommended age range: 5 – 16 years old
Now that spring is finally here, we’ve been planting all sorts of seeds on our window sills. Upcycle a CD case and watch your wheatgrass garden grow!

Jeweled Garden Sticks
Recommended age range: 3 – 9 years old
We have heard that shiny things scare the pests away from snacking in the garden. We hope that’s the truth, but either way adding these beautiful shining sticks to the yard makes a beautiful addition to the garden!

Tissue Paper Bouquet
Recommended age range: 3 – 9 years old
Do you have a hard time keeping cut blooms looking fresh for more than a few days? When visiting a good friend this weekend, we saw a gorgeous bowlful of flowers on her kitchen table made of nothing but the old stand-by of tissue paper and pipe cleaners!

Bubble Wands
Recommended age range: 4 – 9 years old
It’s Bubble season! Bubble wands aren’t hard to come by, but it’s so fun to make your own!

Magic Cloud
Recommended age range: 5 – 16 years old
Whether they’re bringing down rain or snow, making a beautiful sunset, or letting our minds run wild with imaginary shapes – clouds are pretty awesome. Did you know that you can create your own cloud in a bottle with just a few easy steps?

Making Rain
Recommended age range: 7 – 9 years old
What does it take for rain to fall? Is it possible that we can create the conditions for rain ourselves?

Stick Basket
Recommended age range: 7 – 9 years old
With a few sticks and string you can make a stick basket that has so many uses!

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