6 Amazing EGG-speriments

The humble egg—it’s incredible and edible. But did you know it’s also a brilliant tool for engaging children in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM)? With a half-dozen of these beauties and a handful of household items, you are ready to get cracking with these amazing egg experiments.

Egg in Vinegar Experiment
With this experiment, we observed and followed a regular egg through a transformation to become a bouncy egg. You can too with just a few repurposed ingredients you may have around the house for Easter!

Make a Square Egg
Is a square egg possible? Not in nature – but you can re-shape a hard boiled egg in just a few easy steps!

Egg In A Bottle
Harness the power of expanding and contracting gasses to suck an egg into a bottle in which it would never normally fit!

These little eggheads are an adorable project! Just plant the grass seeds and watch the hair grow.

Egg Geodes
Grow your very own borax crystals in a shell! Experiment with different borax concentrations and see how big your crystals can grow.

Floating Egg
Does an egg sink or float in water? Is it possible that it does both? In this experiment it will. It’ll even sink and float at the same time!

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  1. These are eggmaxing!!! No really, I’m extremely impressed with all of these fun experiments and am going to forward them on to my friends and family. Thank you for going a step above and providing many more opportunities for my kiddos to learn, create, and play!!

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