5 Amazing DIY Arcade Games

When you think of an arcade, your first thought is probably of a room with glowing video game screens. But arcades didn’t start out as high-tech amusements. There’s an amazing amount of inventiveness and fun you can create…no computers or even electricity required.

Try your hand at building these DIY arcade games from materials around your house!

1. Craft Stick Catapult

How exactly does your catapult work? Let’s take a look at some of the physics behind it…

2. Paper Football

Flick the football with your finger to launch it through your goal posts! You can set up a box as a target to aim for, or play with a friend and invent your own rules.

3. Paper Plate Ring Toss

All you need for this classic carnival game are some paper plates and cardboard tubes! You can add a little variety to the game by assigning different point values to different-colored plates, or making the toss a little harder (for older kids) by reducing the size of the hole cut in your rings.

4. Mouse Hole Roll

Cut two “mouse” holes in one side of the box. To allow for different ages and abilities, you can make one hole just big enough for the ball to go through and the other one larger for younger kids. Have the little ones try to roll their ball in the hole from close range. Older kids, for a challenge, can try to roll their ball in the hole from across the room.

5. Golf Race Game

Practice counting and taking turns with this Golf Race Game. You can use bottle tops or cotton balls for game pieces. Roll your die and move the number of spaces you rolled. The first person to get their game piece in the hole wins!

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