Mother’s Day Crafts Preschoolers Can Make

Preschoolers are at the perfect age for celebrating Mother’s Day. These are Mother’s Day crafts preschoolers can make–just right for their little hands and growing minds.

Mosaic Heart

Your preschooler can use stickers, gems, or beads to create the perfect heart mosaic for Mom.

Paper Bead Necklace

It’s super simple to make paper beads! Here, we add a toddler twist: making bigger beads for a colorful paper bead necklace.

Flower Coasters

Your preschooler can pick flowers and then press them for flower coasters–the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

Toilet Paper Roll Flower Stamping

This craft is a perfect way to use things that would normally just end up in the trash. The prints you can make with just some paint and a simple toilet paper roll are great for Mother’s Day cards or for a fun way to be kind to Mother Earth.

Celery Stamped Napkins

This year, get ready for Mother’s Day brunch by making personalized napkins. You can create your very own stamped napkins with a stalk of celery! The end result is a one-of-a-kind Mother’s Day gift. You can also try out different vegetable patterns such as bell peppers, okras, or lotus roots.

Make Your Own Beads

Use this simple recipe to make and decorate your own beads. When the paint is dry, thread the beads onto pipe cleaners, ribbon, yarn, or string to make a bracelet or necklace of Mom.

Pressed Flower Vases

All you need for this lovely vase craft is an old-fashioned dictionary or phone book, and some fresh flowers!

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