5 Ideas for Traveling with Kids

Now that summer is starting, it’s time to think about summer vacation, and all the trips you’ll take as a family! Vacation is great, but traveling with kids can be a challenge. Here are some ideas for traveling with kids that might make the road trip or flight a little more fun!

1. Travel Tic Tac Toe

Make your own travel tic tac toe set! It is fun to play and easy to grab and take with you on your way out the door. Plus, it’s completely indestructible and totally portable!

2. Dry-Erase Travel Books

Traveling with kids often involves long car rides, which almost always leads to bored kids. Creating travel books with dry erase pages was a great way to entertain the kids in the car and at home when they want a little activity.

3. Backseat Travel Game

Here’s a super easy idea for a long car ride! Sticky paper on the windows, some markers and blank cards and your junior artists are ready to create.

4. I Spy Books

This DIY “I Spy” book is fun to make and great to keep little minds busy on long car rides.

5. Personal Travel Snack Boxes

Airplane snack boxes are fun, but they’re rather expensive, and not always the healthiest. This DIY snack box lets kiddos have their own personal little box on those long plane rides!

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