Explore 14 Different Experiments with KiwiCo’s Chemistry Sets

Kids are fascinated with chemical reactions. But learning about combustion, bioluminescence and other reactions takes a lot of work. You need both a knowledge of chemistry and the supplies to conduct experiments.

That’s where KiwiCo’s chemistry sets can help. Our chemistry sets come with all of the supplies that you need. They also provide easy-to-understand context for young scientists, so kids can learn about scientific concepts. Our chemistry set bundle includes:

  • Safety equipment, including safety goggles and gloves
  • Easy-to-follow instructions that also explain key scientific concepts. All of our chemistry sets help kids learn more about polymers, plastic, solids and liquids.
  • All the chemicals and supplies you need to conduct the experiments
  • The parts you need to create a burner, mixer, UV lamp and spiral stand

With our Glow Lab, Vortex Lab and Fire Lab, we provide everything you need to explore the wonders of chemistry.

Fire Lab Activities:

The Fire Lab helps kids learn about combustion, oxidation capillary action and other concepts. Here’s a list of activities and experiments that come with the Fire Lab:

  • Learn about Combustion Chemistry
  • Fire & Fuels Experiment
  • Fire & Oxygen Experiment
  • Flame Vacuum Experiment
  • Solid Flame Test Experiment
  • Liquid Flame Test Experiment
  • Burning Steel Experiment
  • Color Burner Experiment

You can get the Fire Lab here. 

Glow Lab Activities:

Things that glow in the dark are awesome. Understanding why things glow it the dark is awesome too! The Glow Lab helps kids understand concept such as fluorescence, phosphorescence and chemiluminescence. Here’s a list of activities and experiments that come with the Glow Lab:

  • Learn about Cold Light
  • Learn about Invisible Light
  • Fluorescein Experiment
  • Zinc Sulfide Experiment
  • Luminol Reaction Experiment

You can get the Glow Lab here.

Vortex Lab Activities:

High-speed mixing has never been so fun. The Vortex Lab helps kids learn about the science of solubility, diffusion and oxidation-reduction. Here’s a list of activities that come with the set:

  • Build the Mixing Machine
  • Motion & Kinetics Experiment
  • Heat & Kinetics Experiment
  • Iodine Clock Reaction
  • Blue Bottle Reaction
  • DIY Oil & Water Experiment

You can get the set here.

Interested in all three sets? Check out our Chemistry (3-Pack) to save on the Vortex Lab, Fire Lab and Glow Lab. Get it here.

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