Summer Crafts for Kids

As we head into summer, it’s time to start thinking about summer crafts for kids! These crafts will keep the kids cool while everyone has a good time learning science and doing arts and crafts with these DIY projects.

1. Water Volcano In A Bottle

Try out this two-part water experiment! First–why can’t you blow up a balloon in a bottle? And, second–what happens when you do…and then fill it with water? Hint: A whole lot of fun! 😉

2. Solar Oven

Have you ever tried to harness the power of the sun to create some s’mores? Camping is the perfect time to do it, but this activity works just as well in the backyard on a sunny afternoon.

3. Baking Soda Ocean Art

Even if you can’t manage a seaside getaway, you can still have some creative beach fun with your own undersea collection, made from baking soda dough. Add details and texture to your creations to bring them to life. Share them as gifts or display them in your room as summertime keepsakes.

4. Recycled Crayon Suncatchers

This project is a great opportunity to use up those old, broken, discarded crayons that are no longer in use. Use melted crayon shavings to create all sorts of beautiful suncatchers.

5. Baking Soda-Powered Boat

Fizz, fizz, zoom! This baking soda experiment boat is easy to build and fun to race. If you’ve ever dropped a fizzy tablet into a cup of water or made a baking soda volcano, you’ve made the same chemical reaction used here. But this time, we’re using that reaction to power a soda bottle boat!

6. Sponge Bullseye

This activity is a great way to beat the heat of summer with just a few cheap materials. Best of all, the kiddos get to practice some math skills while having fun in the sun!

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