Introducing Our Newest Arrival: Panda Crate!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Panda Crateour newest line for babies and toddlers

Panda Crate was developed especially for little ones (aged 0–24 months), grounded in the science of early childhood development, and made helpful, practical, and convenient for parents. We worked closely with researchers at Seattle Children’s Hospital to ensure that all the products and information delivered in each crate are perfectly suited for your child’s developing brain

The products and information included in each Panda Crate are developed and tested to be developmentally appropriate for specific age ranges, so you’ll always get just the right crate at the right time. In fact, the Panda Crate line is broken up into five separate age bands:

    • Birth-2 months
    • 3-6 months
    • 7-12 months
    • 13-18 months
    • 19-24 months

We know first hand that the first months (and years) of your child’s life can be often busy, sometimes confusing, and seemingly never-endingly sleep deprived. We’re here to help parents feel more confident in answering all those questions around “What’s best for my baby? Is this normal? What should I be doing with her now??” And we will always do it in a way that is easy (we distill all the research for you), convenient (all the products and info are delivered to your door) and fun (because, goodness knows, parenting is already enough work)! 

The bottom line: Panda Crate allows you to focus on bonding with your baby while we take the guesswork out of what’s research backed and developmentally appropriate

If you’re familiar with our other subscription lines, you will notice one difference with Panda Crate: these deliveries will arrive at your home every other month instead of monthly. The contents of the crate, however, will be roughly double that in a monthly crate. We’ve made this change to allow us to group together more toys and materials for parents to use across a two-month stage — to better support the rapid pace of babies’ and toddlers’ development and the wide spectrum of timing along which individual children grow.

With the launch of Panda Crate, KiwiCo now has the perfect solution for any kid — or kid at heart — ages 0 to 104! Check out Panda Crate and all the rest of our lines at

Cheers from our family to yours,

Sandra – CEO, Founder, Mommy of 3

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    1. Hi! We’re always looking for ways to ship to bring Panda crate to more countries. We’ll definitely keep you updated if we begin shipping to Malaysia.

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