Christmas Crafts for Kids: 11 Fun Projects

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Ready for some holiday cheer? You can celebrate Christmas in all its festive glory with Christmas crafts for kids that activate the imagination and create memorable moments. Make this holiday special with activities that bring all that’s wonderful about the winter season into your home!

Gift Ideas for Creative Crafters

How do you encourage creativity in your gifted crafters this Christmas season? There’s no better way to do that than to help them discover fun, hands-on projects that they can complete with little assistance! They’ll find their own spark of imagination and merry-making while producing fun crafts to keep their season brighter than ever! Below are some fantastically festive craft ideas that can help your kids express themselves and their talents in fascinating ways!

Sweet Treat Crafts

Your child can make the holidays extra delicious for themselves and their loved ones. Handmade themed treats are great pass-it-on crafts that any sweet tooth will enjoy. Below are two delicious Christmas crafts for kids that make gift-giving during the season special and unique!

  • Rudolph the Red Nose Candy Cane
  • Marshmallow Christmas Ornament

Rudolph the Red Nose Candy Cane

Pipe Cleaner Antlers - Fun Holiday Project

Pipe cleaner antlers, a red pom-pom nose, playful ribbon bow ties, and a pair of eyes can transform a generic candy cane into one of Santa’s famous flying helpers! Your Christmas elf’s gift-making talents will glow brighter than Rudolph’s legendary nose when they try their hand at crafting Rudolph the Red Nose Candy Cane for some high-flying Christmas adventure!

Marshmallow Christmas Ornament

Marshmallow Christmas Ornament DIY

The holidays are the best time to feel stuffed! Besides the decadent treats that find their way to your home, a stuffed ornament filled with mouthwatering marshmallows and a painted-on snowman face can really stir up some holiday appetite. Your young artist can share their finesse in face-painting while embracing the sweetness of a heartwarming craft.

Paper Christmas Crafts for Kids

How can your handy helper add their own touch of holiday decor and cheer around the house? This season, make them feel like the best elf in town by showing them a few simple papercraft projects that will transform walls into festive galleries – displaying their own handmade Christmas creations.

  • Clothespins and Christmas Trees
  • Cereal Box Wreath
  • Puzzle Piece Ornament
  • Christmas Elf Hands Wreath

Clothespins and Christmas Trees

DIY Cloth Christmas Crafts for Kids

The clothespin and Christmas tree project is a truly quick and easy Christmas craft! Some glitter glue, beads, stickers, buttons, lace, or string (garland) can turn triangle trimmed cardstock into vibrantly decorated trees to celebrate the season. Clothespins or wooden pegs hold the tree (or multiple trees) upright. And tada! Your crafty kiddo just designed a holiday centerpiece for any dining table set!

Cereal Box Tissue Wreath

DIY Tissue Christmas Wreath

Small square cutouts of tissue paper, a wreath shape cereal box cutout, pencil heads, and some glue are all it takes to create a green tissue paper wreath! Use the eraser of a pencil to push the tissue paper onto the glue dotted cut out until it’s full of festive paper art!

Puzzle Piece Ornament

Got spare puzzle pieces? If you do, your child has an ornament opportunity in progress! They can paint the puzzle pieces with any design they choose, form candy canes, wreaths or other holiday shapes and attach them to a piece of cardstock or cardboard to embrace their puzzling persona! A quick ornament that just fits!

Christmas Elf Hands Wreath

It’s all hands on deck, or in this instance tons of handprint cutouts in alternating Christmas colors! Your child’s helpful hands will be the focal point of a Christmas wreath as they glue their hand tracing cutouts in a circle of green and red. After they’ve finished the circle, they can add a bow to finish the piece!

Simple Holiday Crafts for Kids

Need some quick prep Christmas projects to do on the fly? These fast & easy Christmas crafts, which make kids go holly-jolly, are the way to go.

  • Button Wreaths
  • Tie On Trees
  • Pine Cone Christmas Tree
  • Give the Reindeer a Hand-Print
  • Fill-It-Up Grinchy Ornament

DIY Button Wreath Ornaments

DIY Button Wreath - Christmas Crafts for Kids

Can button collecting be a craft project waiting to happen? Of course, it can! Have your crafter form a circle with floral wire or string and slide on different shades of green or red buttons to display an ombre look. Then attach a burlap ribbon or velvet ribbon to the top to add some rustic elegance to the ornament.

Tie On Trees

Kids can collect small sturdy twigs that will have a future as tiny tree trunks. Once they’ve done their outdoor scavenger hunt, it’s time to cut the ribbon on this experiment–literally! After they choose from some colorful ribbons, they can tie each ribbon onto the twig in a stacked fashion. Now the twig is an instant Christmas tree!

Pine Cone Christmas Tree

DIY Pine cone Christmas tree

Send your number one scavenger out to collect pinecones or do your own reconnaissance mission by visiting your local supermarket. Your painter brushes on enchanting splashes of green. (If they like they can add various ornaments to the pine cone (like beads, pom-poms or glitter glue). Then, they can add cotton around the pine cone points or hints of white to add the illusion of snow. Place the pine cone in some plaster of Paris to keep it standing tall. It looks like a snowy tree!

Reindeer Handprint Christmas Craft

Have your child trace their hand onto a piece of brown cardstock. After they cut it out, they can attach an oval patch of paper, then googly eyes and a red nose (buttons or pom-poms) to the thumb. (Tip: Make sure the fingertips are pointing downward.) To add some extra jolliness they can attach bell strands below the wrist and across the hand. Jingle all the way!

Fill-It-Up Grinch Ornament

DIY Grinch ornament

Your festive little one can create an ornament that will leave any Grinch feeling green with envy this holiday season! You’ll need a transparent ornament to fill, plastic or glass (depending on the age of the designer) and green feathers, fabric strips, beads or gumdrops. They can paint on a Grinch face or leave it be.

Young artists love opportunities to show their sense of style. You can share the joy this holiday season by helping your child discover their love for all things Christmas. It’ll be the best present ever!

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