10 Handmade Holiday Gifts Kids Can Make

When I was twelve, my best friend and I made a series of finger puppet animals. We spent hours cutting out tiny felt ears and gluing googly eyes. I gave a set of bears to my aunt and she loved them so much she hung them on her tree. Many years later, the bears still make an annual holiday appearance!

To celebrate the joy of homemade gifting, we collected some of our favorite DIYs and KiwiCo Store projects that your kids can turn into presents this year!

1. Holiday Circuit Cards (Ages 9+)

If you want to light up someone’s holiday, these circuit cards are cheery and bright. Kids will learn about LEDs and circuitry while they make something useful and fun.

Learn how to make your own Holiday Circuit Card here!

2. Pull-Tab Cards (Ages 5+)

There is no more meaningful gift than a homemade holiday card with a hand-written message. These Pull-Tab cards are an imaginative way to start the holiday season.

Learn how to make Pull-Tab Cards here!

3. Tin Lanterns (Ages 5+)

These sparkly lanterns light up a winter’s night and are festive gifts to bring to a holiday party. Make a different pattern for each person on your gift list.

Learn how to make Tin Lanterns here!

4. Swirly Ornaments (Ages 3+)

Kids will love to swirl and mix the glitter paint to create unique, colorful ornaments. The KiwiCo Swirly Ornament crate includes all the materials you need to make charming holiday keepsakes.

Get everything you need to make Swirly Ornaments here!

5. Geometric Candles (Ages 9+)

Create a trio of faceted candles to decorate the house! With KiwiCo’s easy Geometric Candle crate, kids will learn how to fold a geometric mold, dye some wax, and transform the wax into a candle. The kit includes a video tutorial link, step-by-step illustrated instructions, all the materials, and additional design ideas and inspiration.

Get everything you need to make Geometric Candles here!

6. Rolled Picture Frame (Ages 9+)

Filled with photos of your kids, this DIY picture frame makes a great gift for grandparents. This isn’t a short project either so you’ll have plenty of quality time together!

Learn how to make your own Rolled Picture Frame here!

7. Animal Bath Bombs (Ages 5+)

Dip your toes into bubbly bathtime chemistry with animal-shaped bath bombs you make yourself. Drop your finished bath bombs into water to see fizzy chemical reactions — in action!

Get everything you need to make Animal Bath Bombs here!

8. Pencil Roll (Ages 5+)

Make this cute and colorful pencil roll to gift to your favorite artsy friend for year-round creativity.

Learn how to make a Pencil Roll here!

9. Easy No-Bake Holiday Cookies (Ages 3+)

These yummy mint cookies are easy for kids to make by themselves as they don’t need to go in the oven! Gift the cookies in tins for a simple go-to holiday party tradition.

Learn how to make these tasty No-Bake Holiday Cookies here!

10. Holiday Puzzle Box (Ages 9+)

Give the gift of entertainment with this holiday puzzle box! Wrap your special someone’s gift in this box, and then sit back and watch them try to open it.

Learn how to make a Puzzle Box here!

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