Unique Thanksgiving Games for the Whole Family

We know many grown-ups will be busy tomorrow and Thursday shopping and prepping for the Big Meal — but it’s also helpful to have some fun Thanksgiving games lined up to keep the little ones entertained.  These are also some of our favorite ways to bring the family together before or after Thanksgiving dinner — maybe you’ll find a new family tradition here!

Unique Thanksgiving Games

Turkey Bowling (ages 3-8)

Thanksgiving turkey bowling party game

On Thanksgiving Day, we have a family tradition. We play the “Turkey Games.” It’s basically a bunch of Thanksgiving games and friendly competition amongst our family and friends of all ages. As the table is being set and Thanksgiving dinner is cooking, it’s a really fun way to spend time together. This year, we’re trying out a new event: Turkey Bowling. My kids had a blast creating and playing this DIY game. Plus, the scoring brings a little math and learning to the fun. Strike!

Thanksgiving Game: Pictionary (ages 6-12)

Thanksgiving pictionary party game

Sometimes my kids get a little restless on Thanksgiving as the grownups are preoccupied with getting that special meal onto the table. We ended up DIY’ing a Thanksgiving pictionary game that would be a perfect way to spend some time before – or after – the meal.

Pumpkin of Gratitude (ages 7-16+)

Pumpkin of gratitude Thanksgiving project

My daughter brought home a pumpkin similar to this one from school. We loved the concept. So, as a family, we decided that we would each create a pumpkin of gratitude to explicitly recognize that we have so much to be thankful for. We are truly fortunate. This project is simple, but it turns out beautifully. I hope that we continue making pumpkins of gratitude as a tradition in years to come.

Cranberry Catapult (ages 6-16+)

Cranberry Catapult Thanksgiving game

We love catapults around here at KiwiCo. That’s why we make two types of catapults: the Basketball Catapult and the Arcade Catapult. Launching things is endless entertainment! This particular cranberry catapult includes a nod to the Fall season and Thanksgiving. Cranberries make for the perfect ammunition. We tried pom poms too, and they worked just as well (or even mini marshmallows left over from the sweet potato casserole!)

Wishing a safe and happy Thanksgiving to you and your family from all of us at KiwiCo!

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  1. I couldn’t find a “contact us” button, but I just wanted to let you know that my 10 yr old twins just go silly excited when they see their Tinker Crate in the mail. They have just loved them. I’m a former high school science teacher, and I think they are an awesome resource for this age!

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