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DIY Glitter Ornaments: Completed

All That Glitters 

It’s time to bask in the magical sparkle of the holidays with a craft project that really shines–on your tree! Dust off the glitter stash and get ready to make some golden memories!

It’s Ornamental

Below are some key ingredients you can use to make your Christmas tree show the best in glam!

DIY Glitter Ornament Ingredients

  • Plastic or glass ornament globes
  • Small paper cups
  • Cleaning solution (rubbing alcohol works well) 
  • Floor finish or floor wax.
  • Glitter (non-toxic, extra fine)
  • One creative helper!

Next Stop Glitter Town!

DIY Glitter Ornament Ingredients

Now you can make winter days a whole lot brighter with some glittery fun! A shower of glitter can make any winter day shine warm and bright with holiday cheer. Here’s a simple step-by-step glitter ornament guide to help you and your loved ones have a merry little Christmas this year:

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Grab your favorite crafting partner, some cleaning solution (vinegar or rubbing alcohol), transparent (clear) ornaments, a bottle of floor finish/cleaner and your favorite color of glitter. Once you’ve gathered all these materials it’s time to create the best DIY glitter ornaments to light up the season!

Step 2: Clean-n-Shine

DIY Ornament cleaning and shining

Now that you’ve got your transparent plastic or glass ornaments out, look over your ornaments carefully since dust likes to hang out on glass and plastic surfaces. The inside of an ornament is irresistible to dust bunnies. To clean them out, you may need to pour some cleaning solution inside and swish it around.

Ornament interior cleaning

Fun Fact: Rubbing alcohol or isopropyl alcohol is often preferred over vinegar when cleaning. If you are wanting to deep clean any transparent surfaces (like clear ornament spheres) isopropyl is ideal. It is what is known as “volatile.” This means it doesn’t leave a residue as it evaporates. As a bonus, it tends to dry quickly, so anxious artists don’t have to wait so long to complete the next step!

Step 3: Spread it Around

After you’ve coated the interior of your ornament, it’s time to get rid of the excess cleaning solution. Instead of tossing it out entirely,  this could be a perfect way to intro your young creators to the art of conversation. Some glitter ornament DIYers suggest pouring the excess into any other glitter ornaments you are looking to glitter glam. Or if you only want to do one or two ornaments, you can reuse the solution in other interesting ways.  If you use isopropyl and have quite a bit left, there are so many interesting projects you can do with it. Along with being a great cleaning agent, it plays a role in countless craft projects and science experiments!

Step 4: Drip It Dry

DIY Ornament drying process

Break out the small paper cups! It’s time for a drip dry. When you use a chemical agent like rubbing alcohol, the drying process is quick and easy. Flip your sparkling clean plastic or glass globes upside down into the small paper cups. After the residue from the cleaning solution has evaporated, you’ll be able to move on to the next step–adding the adhering glitter ingredient.

Step 5: Swirl And Swish

You can skip the unsightly glue globs! Glitter ornament-making professionals say floor finish works much better, allowing for a more even layering of glitter inside the ornament sphere. Take only a little of the solution and drop it into the open ornament. Once you’ve done that, swirl the liquid around inside, but don’t shake! You want to avoid causing a bubbly reaction. The fewer the air bubbles the more evenly the floor finish will go on. After the interior is fully coated, glitter glam comes next!

Step 6: Bedazzle Your Ornament Ball

DIY ornament decorations

Now it’s time to add in your non-toxic extra fine glitter powder to the mix. What color does your child prefer? Half the fun is in picking the color! Remember how you swirled your floor finish inside your globe? Pour the glitter into your already finish coated globe and do that same fun swirling motion. Pretty soon you’ll have a sparkling example of what your creative crafter can do with only a few directions and a whole lot of enthusiasm!

Step 7: Cup on Repeat

Now you can reuse the cups you had used for the cleaning solution drip dry step as holders for your glitter globes. You can set them upright in the cup this time. Here’s an opportunity for some prediction premonitions. Will the glitter take longer to dry than the cleaning solution? Will it dry faster?

Step 8: Cap it Off

Completed ornament with glitter

After the ornaments have dried, you’ll need to reattach the lid of the ornament. (Usually, the lids are made of metal or plastic and have a wire that slides in or out of the holes at the top of the lid when pinched.) But wait! Before you attach the ornament cap, it may be wise to add a little glue inside the sides of the lid. This will help keep the lid snug and tight. You don’t want to let the festive ball drop off your Christmas tree!

Step 9: Stick a Pin/Wire in It

Now it’s time to slide the wire back into the ornament cap. This should be one of the final steps. The less you handle the wire, the less likely it is to damage the glitter within the globe. The wires can be a little sharp, so make sure you handle them carefully, especially when handling glass ornaments. Too much force applied can crack the plastic or glass. (For younger artists shatter-proof plastic ornaments are recommended over their glass counterparts.)

Step 10: Put a Scrapbooking Spin On-It

Set of completed DIY Glitter Ornaments

This next step isn’t necessary to complete the project, but it’s a great way for kids to give their ornament an extra boost of personality! Stick-on sequins and Christmas themed stickers like snowflakes, trees, stars and reindeer make great additions to any glittery sphere. It’ll be a fun way to empty your scrapbooking overflow while allowing the Christmas DIYer in your life to sparkle as much as their glitter creation! 

This season, glitter ornaments can help keep winter days warm and bright! It may just come from a different source–from the smile on your child’s face as they discover a whole new way to celebrate the holidays!

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