5 Easy DIY Wrapping Paper Ideas

This year, our family was inspired to make our own wrapping paper for all our Christmas presents. It seemed silly to buy some when we already had yards and yards of kraft paper in our art supply closet just waiting to be turned into festive gift wrap. I love the natural handmade look, and my kids are so proud to give presents they wrapped themselves! Below, I put together a list of 5 awesome DIY wrapping paper ideas, many from the KiwiCo community. Enjoy!

Lego Wrapping Paper DIY - Header

Little Handprints

There’s nothing cuter than little hands and feet! And my kids love to make handprints. Just brush on washable paint with a foam brush and help your child press their hand on the paper. We’ll be using this personalized gift wrap for all the gifts to the grandparents.

Little Handprints Wrapping Paper DIY
This awesome DIY was courtesy of Julie K!

Eco-Friendly Paper Gift Wrap

This wrapping paper is easy and – most importantly – good for the planet. Just take vintage paper and layer on glitter and ribbons. Clockwise from top left they used: Vintage wallpaper; Chinese newspaper topped with colored paper; a recycled map (these are extra unique!); grocery bag with Japanese beads.

Environmentally friendly gift wrap
Eco-friendly Gift Wrap DIY – courtesy of MarthaStewart.com (Image by Karl Juengel)

Lego Wrapping Paper DIY

Any Lego lover will enjoy either creating or receiving this unique wrapping paper! It’s simple and fun project that everyone will recognize, and it lets your kids get creative by making any Lego pattern that they want.

Lego Wrapping Paper DIY
Lego wrapping paper DIY – courtesy of Nicole D!

Rolling Pin Stamps

Foam stickers on a rolling pin create a beautiful snowy pattern! Stick self-adhesive foam stickers onto a rolling pin, then brush paint onto the stickers with a foam brush. Slowly roll the rolling pin along the paper to make a pattern.

Rolling Pin Stamps DIY wrapping paper
Rolling Pin Stamps DIY – courtesy of Melissa A!

Holiday Puzzle Box

Yes, I know it’s not exactly wrapping paper, but this DIY puzzle box gives the gift of entertainment! It’s a fun, hands-on project to turn any gift into a super memorable experience.

Holiday Puzzle Box - Wrapping Paper DIYs
Holiday Puzzle Box DIY – courtesy of Liz!

I hope you enjoy creating your own unique gift wrap. We at KiwiCo are so grateful for our community — who inspire us everyday with your creativity, determination, and inventiveness!

Wishing a wonderful holiday season to all of you!

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