3 Creative Ways to Reuse Your Crate

Awesome Cardboard Crafts for all Ages

Cardboard is an awesome building material that is recyclable and biodegradable. It’s durable and protective, but it is also easy to bend and cut. It’s about half air, making it a useful lightweight material for building projects. As kids (and cats!) know, sometimes a cardboard box is as fun as the toy that came in it! Ever since it was invented, cardboard has inspired construction and creativity! 

At a time when many toys are becoming complex and reliant on technology, it’s reassuring to return to creative possibilities of the box, seeing it not as trash but as an opportunity for artistic play.  Here at KiwiCo, we have deep respect for the value and versatility of cardboard. In addition to being committed to recycling and sustainability,  we are always looking for awesome uses for our crates. 

From extra storage containers to crafty DIY activities, the ideas are endless. Here are four easy cardboard projects to make with your kids.

We’d also like to hear from you: What are your cool cardboard ideas and creations? Let us know in the comments below!

1. KiwiCo Crate Kitchen: (Ages 3 to 4)

Create a mini-refrigerator and a simple stove. For this project you will need three KiwiCo crates; one for each appliance and a third to create handles, burners and shelves. An adult assistant is necessary for younger kids who need help cutting cardboard. Small measuring cups make fun pots and pans. What will you cook up?

Learn how to make it here. K

2. KiwiCo Crate Castle (ages 3 to4)

Create a fortress with a drawbridge. For this project you will need one KiwiCo box for each wing of the palace. An adult assistant is necessary to cut out windows and outline the drawbridge. Kids can paint the palace, add banners, and have a party.

Learn how to make it here. (If you like this project you might also enjoy our Medieval Crate.)

3. KiwiGo Box (ages 3 to 8)

Create a case to carry your art supplies. This is fun a fun project for little and big kids alike. Paint your name, add stickers and other decorations to make your case unique.  What will you pack? Where will you go?

Learn how to make it here.

Looking for additional cardboard based projects? Cardboard Box Creations by Laura Baker, published by Lonely Planet Kids is a terrific source of inspiration. For a brief history and creative potential of cardboard we recommend The Magic of a Cardboard Box by Andrea Lange.

What are your cool cardboard creations? Tag us at  #KiwiCoBoxCrafts

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  1. M y 2.5 year old loves the monthly boxes. I would love ideas on how people store the materials in each box (not so much what to do with the empty boxes). After receiving the boxes for 7 or 8 months they are piling up.

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