The Science of Handwashing

The most common phrase in my house at the moment has got to be a stern “wash your hands.” (Closely followed by “no more video games, please.”) For kids like mine who might need a little extra motivation to wash the full twenty seconds, we decided to dig into the science of handwashing so you can share a little bit of kid-friendly chemistry while encouraging safe hygiene!

We’ve all heard it a million times: Wash your hands! Scrub between your fingers! Use plenty of soap! But did you know that washing your hands does a lot more than getting rid of dirt? It’s also the best tool we have to get rid of nasty viruses and keep ourselves healthy — and it’s all thanks to the chemistry of handwashing. 

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Activities for 2-4 Year Olds to Do At Home

Introduce your child to STEAM with these fun projects! 

STEAM Projects You Can Do Today

Apple Science

Have you ever noticed that if you slice an apple in the morning, it turns brown by lunch? This is actually a chemical reaction at work!

Learn More: Apple Science 

Capillary Action Rainbow

Discover the magic of color mixing and capillary action with this easy and exciting science project! 

Learn More: Capillary Action Rainbow

Jumping Frog Experiment

Have you ever experienced a static shock when you touch something metal? The shock is because of static electricity which can cause materials to attract or repel each other. Learn about static electricity with these jumping frogs!

Learn more: Jumping Frog Experiment

 DIY Suncatcher

Upcycle container lids using glue and food coloring to make beautiful suncatchers. 

Learn More:  DIY Suncatcher

Erupting Ice Chalk

With just baking soda, cornstarch and liquid color you can make these freezable paints and make fizzy art.

Learn More:Erupting Ice Chalk

Nature’s Alphabet

Search out each letter of the alphabet on an outdoor adventure! 

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Activities for 5-8 Year Olds to Do At Home

Inspire innovation and creativity with STEAM projects you can do at home today! 

Super Hero Buoyancy Experiments

Explore why some things float and some items sink using this fun superhero challenge. 

Learn more:Super Hero Buoyancy Experiments

Leaf  Paint Brushes

Create nature-inspired paint brushes while learning about all kinds of leaves. 

Learn more: Leaf Paint Brushes

Invisible Ink with Lemon Juice

Write secret notes with this invisible ink and send them to your pals!

Learn More: Invisible Ink with Lemon Juice

Homemade Hand Scrub 

Host a home spa day with this homemade hand scrub. 

Learn more: Homemade Hand Scrub 

Narwhal Notebook

Embellish your notebook with this cute Narwhal! All you need is a glue stick, a sheet of light-blue scrapbook paper and a composition notebook. 

Learn more: Narwhale Notebook

Kid-Friendly Macrame Wall Hanging

Macrame wall hangings are popular crafts and home decor, but learning all those knots can be complicated. Start with this easy macrame project that’s perfect for kids!

Learn More: Kid-Friendly Macrame Wall Hanging

Baking Soda Powered Boat

Fizz, fizz, zoom! This baking soda experiment boat is easy to build and fun to race. If you’ve ever dropped a fizzy tablet into a cup of water or made a baking soda volcano, you’ve made the same chemical reaction used here. But this time, we’re using that reaction to power a soda bottle boat!

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Activities for 9-11 Year Olds to Do at Home

Inspire innovation and creativity with STEAM projects catered for your kid!  

STEAM Projects You Can Do Today

Make Instant Ice

Water is usually loaded with particles and impurities, which enables ice to form. But purified water isn’t. This allows purified water to reach way colder temperature before solidifying.

If you leave an unopened bottle of purified water in the freezer for two to three hours, the bottle will be way colder than the freezing point of regular water. When you pour that super-chilled water onto a block of ice, it latches onto the ice’s impurities and freezes instantly!

Learn more: Instant Ice

Launch a Balloon Rocket

Create your very own balloon powered rockets and see how far they can travel. Experiment with different balloon shapes and sizes to experiment with the travel speed. You can even add some cargo for your balloon rocket, and see how that impacts the journey!

Learn more: Balloon Rocket

Play Periodic Table Battleship

Explore the Periodic Table of Elements through a fun game! Just print out a couple Periodic Tables, follow the instructions in this awesome article, and brush up on your chemistry!

Learn more: Periodic Table Battleship

Make a Rube Goldberg machine

Make a complex machine with as many pulleys, levels, and rolling objects as possible! Making a Rube Goldberg machine takes patience, but also gives a chance to stretch your creativity!

Learn more: How to Make a Rube Goldberg machine

Build a Rubber Band Racer

Challenge your kids to build their own version of this rubber band race car and then let them spend an afternoon hosting their own races!

Learn more: DIY Rubber Band Racer

Dancing Salt

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Activities for 12+ Year Olds to Do at Home

Inspire innovation and creativity with STEAM activities!

Activities You Can Do with Household Items

Make a Rocket Engine with Pasta

It sounds crazy, but you can build a hybrid rocket engine with yeast, hydrogen peroxide, a jar, fire and – last but not least – a piece of uncooked pasta.

When the yeast mixes with the hydrogen peroxide, they react to create pure oxygen gas. If this pure gas is then funneled through a burning tube of pasta, you’ve got yourself a rocket flame!

Learn more: Make a Pasta Rocket

Simulate an Oil Spill Cleanup

Image via Futurity

Explore the unique, serious challenge of cleaning up after an oil spill. All it takes is vegetable oil, water, creativity, and this handy simulation guide from National Geographic.

Learn more: Simulate an Oil Spill Cleanup

Create a Google Maps Adventure

Create an adventure around the world – while at home! Find interesting spots in Google Street View and send those snapshots to family and friends. Have them guess where they are! There are several handy online tools to create even more detailed Google Maps adventures.

Learn more: Geoguessr

Learn Sign Language

Studying sign language builds awareness of the deaf and hard of hearing community, along with appreciation of the community’s culture. While there are a variety of sign languages in the world, this video features ASL (American Sign Language).

Learn more: Sign Language 101

Outline a Novel

Image via Evernote

Interested in writing an awesome story, but don’t know where to get started? Create an outline!

Learn more: Outline a Novel

Corrugated Cardboard Challenge

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