Announcing Camp KiwiCo: Our At-Home Summer Camp!

Announcing Camp KiwiCo: At Home Summer Camp

We know that this summer is shaping up to be quite a bit different than we all imagined. For many of us, all the plans we had made to fill our kids’ days and weeks for the next few months have been cancelled (much to the massive dismay of parents and kids alike!) And while we are fans of good, old-fashioned unstructured fun in the summer, many of the options for our kids — pools, playgrounds, beaches, even playdates — may be off-limits, in at least some parts of the country. We know that many parents (ourselves included!) will be desperate for some structured activities to bridge the gap between the inevitable moans of “I’m bored!” and to provide something fun (and maybe enriching!) for our kids to look forward to.

So to help bring some discovery and delight to all of our kids’ summers, we are excited to announce the upcoming launch of Camp KiwiCo! We’re creating four different sessions of hands-on activities, videos and content, each geared for different age groups. Each session is meant to cover five days, with a few hours of activities and content each day —  but kids can mix and match days and go at their own pace.  

All the content for Camp KiwiCo (DIY activities, videos, printables) will be FREE and available to anyone, starting June 22 (and will remain accessible all summer). If you’d like to add more to your camper’s day, you can order the specific KiwiCo crates we’ve handpicked from our store to go with each day’s theme. Those crates (one per day) are $24.95 each, or you can purchase a 5-pack of crates for a full 5-day session for $109.95.

What’s a day like at Camp KiwiCo?

Each day of Camp KiwiCo is structured around a super fun theme! Once camp is “live”, you will find all the content for each day on our site. A good way to start the day will be to watch the video from one of our “camp counselors” (aka, product designers) explaining that day’s theme. (This might be learning how to build a rocket on Kiwi Camp’s “Fun With Flight” day or taking a crash course in astronomy on Tinker Camp’s “Comets & Constellations” day.) Then campers can dive deeper into that day’s theme by doing one of the awesome DIY activities provided for the day, exploring the downloadable printable, watching the cool videos, and tackling the creativity challenge. And of course, you can supplement all of that with the KiwiCo crate we’ve curated to go with that day’s theme (just remember to order 7-10 days before you plan to start camp, to guarantee you receive it in time.)

Presenting our four Camp sessions:

Four Camp KiwiCo Sessions

Koala Camp (ages 3 to 4)

Play and learn preschool adventures: Enjoy a week of seriously fun & scientific backyard adventures — from rainbows & music to chemistry & camping! 

Kiwi Camp (ages 5 to 8) 

Explore science, art, and more: Delve into a week of discovery & delight exploring awesome arcades, fun with flight, deep-sea adventures & more! 

Atlas Camp (ages 9 to 16) 

Discover the world: Explore the world from your living room! Get an introduction to the seven continents and learn all about four fascinating countries with immersive hands-on experiences.

Tinker Camp (ages 9+) 

Engineer cool machines:  Spark moments of inspiration & fun all week long exploring robotics, hydraulics, movie magic, mechanical toys & astronomy!


Do I have to do all five days? Or buy all five crates?

No — you can customize your camp experience in any way that works for you and your camper! You can access any of the content that interests you and purchase any of the crates you like.

Are the camp sessions live?

All the video sessions are pre-recorded, so you can access them at any time that is convenient for you — all summer long.

We’ll send out an update when content for Camp KiwiCo has launched, so be sure to follow us on social or share your email address with us. We’re super excited to share a “whoa, awesome!” summer with you and your kiddo!

9 Replies to “Announcing Camp KiwiCo: Our At-Home Summer Camp!”

  1. This is an excellent idea! It will make my life easier by having a structured time for my daughter to do an activity! Will the kids be paired up so the can have a camp buddy via zoom maybe? Just wondering!


  2. How do we find out which 5 crates are recommended for a week? interested in the Atlas camp and Tinker camp, but don’t see the crates for each listed anywhere.

  3. Hi great idea! In the picture the atlas camp is 6-11 yet in the text Below the pic it’s 9-16?

    I’m looking at the 6-11 age group. So what would it be called?

    Also , is there a family discount for more than 1 child in a household?

    Let me know, Thank you

  4. Hello,

    I just ordered a 3 month subscription for my son (Tinker line). Is there any way to find out whether there’s overlap between the boxes he receives through the subscription and the home summer camp on Tinker Camp?

    Thank you!

  5. Camp KiwiCo sounds great!
    I already have a subscription. So, do some of the kiwi crates that I already get match up with the Atlas Camp days? Thank you!

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