The Wonder of “Whoa, Awesome!”

You may have seen the phrase “Whoa, awesome!” in our emails or on the KiwiCo website, and that’s because “Whoa, awesome!” is at the heart of everything we do!

At KiwiCo, we know we’re on the right track when we hear the words “Whoa, awesome!” shouted from the product testing room in our Northern California office—usually followed by the sound of scurrying little feet as kid testers run to check out the excitement. The wide-eyed magic of “Whoa, awesome!” is essential to the KiwiCo story, so we wanted to share its meaning with you.

“It’s that moment—when the robot walks, the rocket launches, the heart beats in the stethoscope. It’s the wonder in each crate that inspires a lifetime of curiosity.”
—Sandra Oh Lin, KiwiCo Founder & CEO

Kids are pint-sized philosophers. They’re constantly searching for answers to questions that might stump even the brightest of minds: “Why is the sky blue?”; “Can I think myself happy?”; “Why do humans have foreheads?”. (Scientists are still searching for the answer to that last one.) Every child is born with a sense of wonder, but inspiration is required to ignite curiosity, comprehension, and finally, wisdom and knowledge.

We believe that small creative experiences today help prepare kids to face bigger challenges in the future and that those special “Whoa, awesome!” moments can inspire them to better understand the world around them. As the ancient Greek philosopher Socrates said, “Wonder is the beginning of wisdom.” We couldn’t agree more—and that’s exactly why all the products we create at KiwiCo are designed with wonder in mind.

A window garden can blossom into discoveries about how plants grow.

A dissectable plush frog can inspire understanding of human biology.

A light-chasing robot can spark experiments with electronics.

We deliver a dose of “Whoa, awesome!” with every crate we ship in the hope of providing the next generation of innovators with the skills and confidence to become creative problem-solvers. And since KiwiCo grows with your child, we can continue to help build their sense of wonder into a lifetime of curiosity.

We’d love to see your kids’ “Whoa, awesome!” moments!
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  1. This is really cool, I keep my some follow directions now and he is building so quick, I can say less less video game and tv now. That is excellent!

  2. Can u tell me what experiment the image of the girl in front of 3 paper flowers that are sucking up coloring related to? Is it a kit or a diy project and could I get the link? Also the boy with the bottle and the straw that extends with rain coming down? They are both on your whoa awesome splash page

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